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"The Permanent Salute." Annamarie's Story

A few years ago, I did my first photo shoot with Sugar and Spice as a 30th birthday present. It was for my boyfriend (now husband) who was deployed to the Middle East with the Navy at the time. One of his favorite pictures from my shoot was a cheeky sailor pinup-style of me saluting. He kept it hung up in his tiny Conex box the entire time he was deployed. 

He loved the picture so much in fact that last month (years later!), he actually found a tattoo artist in Eagan to create a likeness of it on his leg. He wanted the tattoo to resemble the old “Sailor Jerry” style, yet still remind him of the picture of me.

He absolutely loves how it turned out and it makes him think of his favorite picture whenever he sees it - all thanks to the ladies at Sugar & Spice!

I am so thankful for the amazing work Sugar and Spice does. We ladies always rave about how awesome and incredible we feel during our photo shoots but I also wanted to share just how much these pictures really mean to the people who get them. That 8x10 photo currently hangs in my husband's ‘man cave’ along with all of his other military stuff - still in the page protector that I sent it to the desert in, almost 4 years later.


<3 Annamarie Skogen

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