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Delve into each of our "lookbook" galleries, drawing inspiration from the myriad of sultry looks from an array of our quintessential, whimsical, and theme-oriented sets. Our carefully curated range of sets, backdrops, furniture, and props offer unlimited creative possibilities! Each space instills a unique charm of its own. Experience the rejuvenated essence of all our sets, now located within our expansive 6,000 square foot studio!

Our specialty galleries contain photographs that can be captured in many of our looks/sets above - including couples, maternity, bridal and seasonal.  Also featuring galleries for women age 50+, African American and curvy/plus size women, gals with shorter hair, funky hair and tattoos - and sensational props like: wings, guitars, cars and motorcycles, and much more.

Intimate PHotography in mn

At Sugar and Spice Photography, we offer an exquisite range of backdrop options to set the perfect scene for your photoshoot—choose from simple black, white, or colored backdrops to those boasting rich textures and intricate patterns. Although we regularly refresh our selection of sets and furniture to keep our studio exciting and diverse, this means we can't promise the availability of specific pieces. However, if you're drawn to a particular look, don't hesitate to reach out; we'd love to accommodate your vision!


Our extensive boudoir photography galleries, featuring shots expertly taken at our studio near Minneapolis, are brimming with inspiration. For even more information, be sure to explore our FAQ page.

We understand that many have ventured into the realm of DIY boudoir photos or attempted to capture the essence of boudoir at home, only to be disheartened by the outcomes. This is why we encourage you to experience the superior quality that comes from collaborating with our team of seasoned professionals. If you're in search of a boudoir photographer in Minnesota, look no further! Sugar and Spice Photography is your go-to source brimming with creative boudoir photoshoot concepts, prop and pose suggestions, themes, lingerie shoot ideas, and so much more. We invite you to visit us and witness the magic we create.

We're proud to serve a diverse clientele of beautiful women from all corners of the USA, including those situated locally who are seeking a spectacular boudoir photo experience. Whether you're looking for boudoir photography in Rochester, St. Cloud, or close to your own neighborhood, we cater to everyone, including military boudoir photography. Leave your DIY boudoir ideas behind and allow us to help you shine; when it comes to boudoir photography, we're here to elevate your experience.

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