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We pride ourselves on offering the largest, ever-growing collection in the nation - all complimentary for you to use in your session.  Get a glimpse of just SOME of the lingerie, outfits, shoes, accessories and more that we offer!


The Glam Room

The Glam Room

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Wardrobe Wednesdays

Follow us on social media to see our "Wardrobe Wednesdays" posts.  Click through this slideshow for a sneak peek:


Check out some amazing pictures highlighting just SOME of the earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces & body jewelry we have for you to wear in the studio.

MN boudoir photography

Boudoir Outfits

Boudoir Wardrobe: lingerie, shoes, accessories.



"Aaaah!" is what most women sigh when they walk into our Glam Room. Our drawers & closets are OVERFLOWING. We offer thousands of new, gorgeous pieces...from corsets & beautiful bra & panty sets in almost every size and color, and we add new pieces all the time.

Who has time to shop or the money to spend on many lingerie pieces that we may just wear once? And let's face it - sometimes it's just hard to get all those straps in the right place - (Hello, garter belts - you need a special degree to figure out how to attach these by yourself!)


Not only do we have the most sets, props and looks for your boudoir photo shoot; we also have the biggest selection in the entire WORLD of smoldering lingerie, stellar heels & sexy accessories.  We’ve done all the shopping and have thousands of things for you to choose from.  You have to bring absolutely nothing. 

And what about the shoes? We have insane amounts of shoes & boots, over 200 pairs of thigh-highs and stockings, and tons of jewelry and accessories.