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Studio Tour

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Our amazing, 6,000 square foot Minnesota boudoir photography studio features 20 different sets that are actual rooms - from the bedrooms (we have eight unique bedrooms!) the kitchen, powder room (take a milk or bubble bath!), locker room (get sexy with your huni's fav sport), garage...and everything in between!  

We also have a huge selection of props because this is so important for the feel and story of a photograph. Since our main focus is boudoir, we ARE the premier studio for boudoir photography in Minnesota (and we're the top and biggest boudoir photography studio in the world!).​  

Our Glam Room is stocked with water, coffee and other treats for you!  Our dressing rooms are stocked with all sorts of complimentary "She-mergency" items...including deodorant, makeup remover, feminine hygiene products, pain reliever, toothpaste and much more!