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Why Choose Us?

Seems like every photographer is trying out boudoir photography, so there are some options out there.  So...WHY CHOOSE US?  See our competitor comparison HERE.

boudoir photography mn

Reason 01.

This is ALL we DO! This is the only type of photography we have done for nearly 18 years. We are not wedding or portrait photographers trying to add "boudoir photography" to their repertoire. Our small group of talented women are honored to have photographed thousands of women from the Twin Cities and beyond. Our experience is un-paralleled.

We shoot everyday women NOT models. It’s easy to crush a photo with trained models or women without body issues. Real women who need coaching - who have real insecurities - that’s a whole different ball game. And real women sometimes want some retouching - and ours is masterful (see section below).

Oh, but you think the women on our website look like models? Well, let's just say - we are GOOD at what we do! :-) We really believe this is true for most things in life: You get what you pay for! Our experience means we know what we’re doing & we know you will LOVE your photographs and entire experience here with us.

We want your jaw to drop when you walk in. We want to have a fun day pampering you & chatting like besties. We want you to literally FREAK OUT in excitement when you see your pictures. So what are you waiting for? ​ This is our life's passion. Come have a shoot with us. You won't regret one second of it!

Looking at other photographers?

Even most great photographers just simply do not have the experience shooting boudoir, so make sure to see as many example shots as you can.

Our Experience

boudoir photography mn

Reason 02.

Our amazing studio features 20 different sets that are actual rooms - from the bedrooms (we have EIGHT unique bedrooms!) the kitchen, powder room (take a milk or bubble bath!), locker room (get sexy with your huni's fav sport), garage...and everything in between! We also have a huge selection of props because this is so important for the feel and story of a photograph. Since our main focus is boudoir, we ARE the premier studio for this type of photography session.

Variety is extra sexy with boudoir! We offer unlimited posing within each look's time.

Our Glam Room is stocked with water, coffee and other treats for you! Our bathrooms are stocked with all sorts of complimentary "She-mergency" items...including deodorant, makeup remover, feminine hygiene products, pain reliever, toothpaste and much more!

Looking at other photographers?

Most photographers just simply don't have the investment in shooting these styles that we do. They offer plain backdrops or extremely limited sets and props. Don’t settle for shooting on a backdrop or have a couple options for sets or looks. Ask for pictures of each individual set or option.

Our Studio & Sets

boudoir photography mn

Reason 03.

"Aaaaah!" is what most women sigh when they walk into our Glam Room. Our drawers & closets are OVERFLOWING. We offer thousands & thousands of new, gorgeous pieces...from corsets & beautiful bra & panty sets in almost every size and color, and we add new pieces all the time.

Who has time to shop or the money to spend on many lingerie pieces that we may just wear once? And let's face it - sometimes it's just hard to get all those straps in the right place - (Hello, garter belts - you need a special degree to figure out how to attach these by yourself!)

Not only do we have the most sets, props and looks for your boudoir photo shoot; we also have the biggest selection in the entire WORLD of smoldering lingerie, stellar heels & sexy accessories. We’ve done all the shopping and have thousands of things for you to choose from. You have to bring absolutely nothing.

And what about the shoes? We have insane amounts of shoes & boots, over 200 pairs of thigh-highs and stockings, and tons of jewelry and accessories.

Looking at other photographers?

Most do not provide outfits, shoes or accessories - and if they do it's a VERY limited selection that is often outdated. (That's usually why most photographers don't post pictures of their wardrobe). Ask for a picture of their selections of outfits & shoes in your size.

Our Outfits

boudoir photography mn

Reason 04.

No one has a clue what looks sexy - 'cuz even though something mischievous or flirty kicks in - there's not really a certainty that comes with it. So, that's when you trust. Trust in our experience shooting thousands of women from all around the globe.

Our directions include things like: "Arch your back here", "Chin out and down" (after all - no one wants a double chin) - or we just say we're "Comin' in hot!" and adjust what needs to be adjusted for you! We'll even get into the pose ourselves to show you when we need to! We will lovingly call you our "Barbie" as we help put you in the perfect position.

We work as a team of two (coaching you, directing you and posing you the entire time) - so one of us can focus on all the little details that make the photograph perfect, and one of us can take the pictures. This way, we are able to take more shots than most other photographers can. Add our attention to detail, and you get AMAZING results.

Looking at other photographers?

Find out if it's just the photographer working with you during your photo shoot, or if someone will be assisting. Trust us: having a second set of hands and another pair of eyes makes a difference.

Our Coaching

boudoir photography mn

Reason 05.

From sultry and sexy to the girl next door who just rolled out of bed, you need a hair stylist who knows how to create resilient boudoir hairstyles that will stay glamorous throughout the shoot.

Adding body & length with styling and extensions is essential to get the full, sexy hair like you see in the magazines. Our Creative Artists are masters with extensions that we clip them in your hair & remove them after the shoot - included with your session*. We have a big investment in our hair extension, so we can accommodate most hair colors & lengths.

Our professional Creative Artists are not your average makeover newbies. These trained "pros" know exactly how to enhance your features. Not only do they know the best products to use, but they are skilled at working with all different kinds of skin types, colors & textures! They are experts in contouring and highlighting - so your makeup is spot-on for the camera.

What we see and what the camera sees can be VERY different with professional photography. Regular makeup pigments can be unflattering when they reflect light - our goal is to reduce shine, balance skin color - all for a look that will reflect your natural beauty for the best "you" results possible in camera. The transformation you will undergo adds confidence and makes your inner beauty SHINE.

A boudoir photo shoot is simply incomplete without makeup and hair styling. It's like wearing a sexy outfit without stilettos, so just let our team know how you would like to see yourself, and they will get to work!

Looking at other photographers?

If hair and makeup is offered, it is usually an extra cost - and professional makeup IS a must. Additionally, hair extensions are rarely available. Get the costs up front, find out what kind of training and how much experience the artist has with makeup for this style.

Our Hair & Makeup

boudoir photography mn

Reason 06.

The Sugar and Spice Photography team agrees with our clients: we would prefer to view our online proof portfolio from our session in the privacy of our own home vs. coming back for a separate viewing in the studio with someone hovering over our shoulder. Not only is it MUCH more convenient and private, but we feel like it's too much pressure to be given a sales pitch - with a time limit to buy - when you are seeing your photographs for the first time.

So after your session, we’ll get to work on creating your private, online proof portfolio. We know the short wait to see your portfolio is worth it, so you can view your proofs in the privacy of your own home without any pressure! And it's ABSOLUTELY free!

Boudoir photographs are notorious for their high pressure sales pitches.  But...NO high pitch sales pressure here!  There is NO minimum order and no time limit on ordering.

Looking at other photographers? 

Most photographers require a separate "viewing" appointment, which can be inconvenient for busy women.  They do this, so they can use a high-pressure sales pitch to get you to purchase products on the spot. Ask about proofing, how long you have to place an order, product pricing, and if there is a minimum order (don't be surprised if the product orders start at $1500).

Our Proofing

boudoir photography mn

Reason 07.

We want to make sure that we aren't conforming to to society's ridiculous standard of beauty; so when you are in front of the camera, we will pose, light and style you to flatter YOUR figure and celebrate who YOU are - so that retouching is minimal. We want to enhance your natural beauty, so we so we don't "nip and tuck" extensively and are careful to retouch your pictures just enough to be the most beautiful "real you".

But let's be real. We are real women with real body issues, and most of us would not like to showcase our cellulite and stretch marks in our boudoir photographs - so our standard subtle retouching tweaks are included with our products. One of the most disheartening things when we are browsing other boudoir photography: beyond bad posing and lighting issues - we see so much over retouching, under retouching, lack of correction. simple things like light or contrast. We will retouch as much or as little as you would like!

It truly is an art, and we are retouching masters!

Looking at other photographers?

Most photographers are not skilled in body shaping, contouring & smoothing - because they are used to only working with faces or more clothing in their portraits. Examine their photographs closely. Also, make sure to read the fine print...some photographers charge through the roof for any retouching other than a quick glamour filter added.

Our Retouching

boudoir photography mn

Reason 08.

One of the best things we get to do at Sugar & Spice Photography is read testimonials and raves from our boudoir photo shoot clients. We often sit and cry as we read through the amazing, sweet words that our clients have written. It's one of the most rewarding things about what we do.

Hear from thousands of women in their raves and review found on our website, and ALL over the internet: Google, the Knot, Better Business Bureau and much more. These are all women of all ages and sizes - from the Twin Cities area - and even some from out of state and country.

We hear over and over from clients that had a boudoir shoot somewhere else and were so very disappointed. Boudoir photography is supposed to make you feel sexy empowered and beautiful. No one should ever walk away from a boudoir shoot without those feelings. After their experience and photographs with us, they can’t stop shouting from the rooftops. We also hear from disappointed women that they thought they were saving money by going somewhere else; and in reality, some even ended up paying more than what the investment with us would have been, and they weren’t happy at the end of it.

For most of you - this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Don't settle for less.

Looking at other photographers?

Read as many raves as you can get your hands on - from as many sources as possible.

Our Raves

boudoir photography mn

Reason 09.

We have a DEEP passion for women. Read our mission and bios, and you'll see our hearts. We are REAL, local Minnesota women - wives and mothers - and we GET it. In our opinion, having an all-female team is EXTREMELY important, but also having women that have been through life (we are not single gals who have never had a stretch mark). Most women feel even more comfortable with us in our studio because we are or have been in their shoes, and work as a team to pamper you and make you feel like you’re with best friends.

Listen: we decided in the beginning of this journey, that if we were going to do this - we wanted to be the best. We have sacrificed so much, invested not only blood, sweat & tears - but also our hard-earned money - into making this studio the BEST boudoir photography studio in the WORLD! To make the shoots the best they can be for YOU.

Maybe we should feel flattered when other photographers copy us - or flat out steal our ideas. From the sets, to hair/makeup to the outfits and more: we have invested more than other photographers just can't or won't do.

So bottom line: if you are not convinced by the amazing reviews - or by our team and mission - or by what we have to offer in our wardrobe, sets and more - and you are still thinking of another photographer. Remember: you get what you pay for. We strongly suggest coming to meet us and tour our studio...and you will be convinced!

These photographs will leave you (and your sweetie!) breathless...but it's not just about taking a pretty’s the experience & what you take away from it. Quit thinking that you'll never look "like that". We wear many hats as women & make so many sacrifices. We are all too often our own worst critic, and as women, we know how we can be!

Take away an awesome experience, and amazing photographs that will remind yourself that you are a beautiful, courageous, strong woman! It is truly one of the most amazing, empowering and fun experiences you will ever have.

Our Team & Our Hearts

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