"Taking Care of Thor." - Beth's Story

2020 was a difficult year for most, if not all of us. For me there were some additional challenges. I started a new job that I LOVE, but it is 7 hours from where I live*, I had to learn my new job alone (due to Covid working restrictions), and I spent most nights on my ship away from my home, my friends and my cats. Although I LOVED living and working on my beautiful new ship, at times it felt lonely. Then things got complicated.

A month or so after starting my new job, my beloved cat Thor became very ill. Conventional veterinary treatments did not work for him and his health declined rapidly. He was in agony, was not eating and was losing a lot of weight, but his light still shined. He was not giving up, and I would not give up on him. For what seemed like endless months, I coaxed him to eat and drink, hand fed him every day and drove him hours away to numerous vet appointments for an experimental treatment. Between work and taking care of Thor, I didn't have time to take care of myself. I didn't eat right, felt very stressed and didn't get enough sleep.

I drove over 800 miles every weekend, had no down time and felt constantly tired. Every minute of my off duty time was spent taking care of Thor and he got much worse** before he got better. In the end, my little guy made it. He has been called "the wonder cat" and "miracle cat". I am so thankful he is still with me, but it was no miracle (in the sense of a free gift from Heaven); it was exhaustive and heart wrenching effort on his part and mine. He is not the same cat he was before he got sick, but he is here with me, doing better and no longer in such pain.

That was my life just before my Bella Luce session.

I was dying for rest, relaxation, fun and ME time.

I gave everything I had and then some more, to Thor and my new job and I was completely spent. I heard about Sugar and Spice boudoir photo shoot experiences in MN and was intrigued by the photos on your website. I knew right away this is something I wanted to do! My Bella Luce session was amazing!

Any insecurities*** and last minute nerves I experienced vanished when I walked through the door

...and began planning my transformation with your staff (Katya and Viktoria). They got right to work and really know what they're doing! I love how they transformed my appearance and embraced my personal style. I had so much fun, my time flew by.

It is just what my soul needed! I knew I would love my photographs and they still blew me away!

Katya and Viktoria made me look sexy, classy and sophisticated and photographed me at my best! These women are artists. I and my boyfriend love my photographs! We have so many favorites and have a hard time limiting our order!

Looking at my photographs brings back such happiness and lets me relive my experience of feeling like a glamorous, elegant movie star for a day. I hope my photos continue to remind me that I can still come out beautiful, even after such difficult times and to think of my own body with the kindness I do others. I know that ten, twenty years from now, I will be so glad I did this. My advice to women thinking about doing this would be don’t worry about what you believe to be your limits or imperfections; just be your true self and let the S & S crew work their magic.


* I made the 7 hour drive (each way) on weekends to deal with things at my house and care for my cats. My car had problems, including the heater not working for most of the winter in Duluth, and breaking down on the side of the highway; stranding me and my poor sick cat 2.5 hours away from home at night. ** He had to get a limb amputated. *** Am I too old for this? I am not at my personal best from a physical fitness standpoint. I don’t look like the women in your website photographs. I am not a glamorous person in everyday life. I work on a ship with a bunch of men and I don’t look remotely attractive in everyday life. Am I feminine enough to do this?


Our animals are truly our family.

xoxo, the Sugar & Spice Girls

Here's a shot of Chelsey's cat, Porsche - just hanging out while she retouches pictures for our clients!