"Saved by the Deposit." - Lindsey's Story

Literally, what can I say? First off, being a curvy girl comes with perks and with negatives (as all body types do, I suppose). Just like other girls said, I took the leap after reading MANY of the blog posts and the love notes, but when it came to the week of, I was beyond anxious, scared, insecure….you name it, I felt it.

The deposit saved me because I wouldn’t have gone if I hadn’t already made some sort of investment. As time does, the week passed and the day of my appointment eventually arrived. On my way to the studio, my heart was RACING. I walked in, was greeted, and sat down to watch the welcome video. I had seen this video approximately a million times before because I was OBSESSED with looking at the website and doing everything I could to prep because those girls on the website are beautiful and I want to do anything in my power to look a tenth as good as them.

Then I started browsing the closet and shoes and jewelry…..none of that stuff was going to fit me I muttered to myself, no way [but there was tons of options in my size]. I sat down to get my extensions put in (which by the way are heavy-no one tells you that), and...

when I was turned around in the chair, I was a different person. I don’t know who she was, but I liked her.

Then came the makeup and pampering. Katya, Jenny and I just chit-chatted, like we had known each other our whole lives, and the reality is, I don’t generally engage in small talk, but this didn’t feel like small talk, it felt like being with good friends. I’m not sure how they do it.

The session was FUN, not nerve racking, or awkward, but just plain fun. I had an absolute blast; I couldn’t honestly think of another way to spend my Friday afternoon that would have been more fun. Modeling is hard work, but Katya and Jenny just made me feel relaxed and they kept telling me how good I looked...and it wasn’t until I saw the first picture that I believed it. It was like a different world.

I came out of my session and just immediately starting bawling. I had just seen a few images and it made me feel like a different person. It actually felt magical.

I called all my girlfriends and said again and again, I would spend the money ten times over to feel whatever that was that I felt again. I was happy and confident which I don’t think I have ever felt in my life.

Then, the waiting. I was kind of bummed because I knew the proofs wouldn’t be ready for a little while and I wanted so badly to see the transformation. I received my proofs on the following Monday (awesome turnaround time) and raced to show them to everyone who wanted a look.

I am so proud of what that photo shoot turned me into, that I wanted to tell the world.

Here’s what I’ll say, if you are thinking it’s expensive - it is - but no amount of money can compare to that rush of being shown how beautiful you are. I’m actually sad that every women doesn’t get an opportunity to do this, because it showed me what others saw-my inner vixen, my spunk, my charm, my mojo. This made me feel unstoppable; that is simply priceless. I have only one comment, if you have been on the fence, DO IT NOW. Don’t hesitate, I PROMISE you will LOVE it.


Special thanks to PCI Academy for doing my nails, Wicked Tan for the….hehe wicked tan, and Waxing in the City in Maple Grove for getting my eyebrows the exact right color and shape!


We loved every second of having you in the studio, and we loved every word of the story of your boudoir photo shoot experience with us!

xoxo, the Sugar & Spice Girls


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