"Ugly & Insecure to Beautiful & Confident." Sandy's Story

My story began with Sugar and Spice Photography.

I had never done a boudoir photo shoot before and was very nervous about it. I had done a bunch of research into boudoir photographers in Minnesota and everything led me to Sugar and Spice. I made my appointment - which was so easy; plus, the person I booked with made everything even easier for me.

I followed all recommendations they had for me for preparing for my shoot. The day of the shoot came, and I had never been so nervous in my life. Going in, I was thinking: All my life I have felt so ugly and insecure. With all the scarring and imperfections my body held, I had never felt beautiful and felt I would never look good in a photo. I took a leap of faith, because I wanted to do something for my husband for a gift.

All my life I have felt so ugly and insecure.

Walking into the studio, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I walked into the door, I was welcomed instantly! The sets, the wardrobes available for use, and the shoe wall - this place left me speechless! The staff walked me through the day, talked to me about wardrobe, makeup, and hair. They started on my makeup and hair and turned me away from the mirrors. I enjoyed every minute of feeling pampered. The staff was amazing, and made me feel comfortable. When they turned my chair around to view my makeover - it put me in tears.

For the first time in my life I felt beautiful.

I first went out to my first set, covered in a robe, still feeling self conscious of my body. It took me a little bit to get used to being exposed like that in front of the camera. After I was done with the first set, I was feeling so comfortable in my own skin, that I no longer needed the robe. I forgot all about the imperfections of my body. After my final set, I did not want to leave. It had ended too soon:

I didn’t want to leave!

They let me look at a few of the photos on the camera - and at that moment my life had changed. I acquired a new set of eyes when I saw my pictures. I realized at that moment, my husband has been right all this time: “I am Beautiful”. I had finally gotten to see what my husband has been seeing for years, but I couldn’t see. The experience I had at Sugar and Spice had given me a new-found confidence I had never had before. 

When I got my album for my fiancé at the time (now husband), we looked at it together. I was in tears. Again, I had never never felt so beautiful and even sexy in my life. He even looked over at me and told me, “You have always looked like this to me and always will”. He loved the album I got him and the beautiful pictures.

Ever since this experience, I have fallen in love with boudoir photography and being in front of the camera. This experience has made the biggest impact on my life. I share my story to others - every opportunity I get. I can’t thank Sugar and Spice Photography enough for what they have given me...and for changing my life.


Thank you so much for sharing your story! We saw your inner AND outer beauty from the second you walked in the studio's door - and are grateful that we had a part in YOU finding that beauty for yourself!

xoxo, the Sugar & Spice Girls


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Sugar & Spice Photography is a Minnesota based, women-owned small business that specializes in boudoir and pinup photography.  

WE ARE...moms, wives, engaged, divorced or single women...and we are on a mission to share our passion with you!  Our intimate & tasteful boudoir photography is created to...

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...ENLIGHTEN and empower the women that we touch, and help them realize that they are beautifully and wonderfully made by their Creator.

...TRANSFORM and unveil the inner bombshell of each woman, by pampering her, laughing with her, and making her feel as amazing as she is!