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Reason #777: Feel Like a Queen

Feeling like a queen is easy when you're in the Sugar and Spice studio. There are many ways that we treat you like royalty to truly make this day the best ever.

For starters, as we've sure you've heard already, we PAMPER you. Every queen needs to be pampered, right? Well we make sure to do just that. With our amazingly talented makeup artists on staff, we give you the royal treatment by completely taking care of your hair and makeup.

Not only do we do your makeup in full photography level coverage, the hairstyling INCLUDES putting in matching clip-in hair extensions for the day. All of this may seem extreme, but once you get behind the camera you'll understand why the pampering process is so important. After the lights flash and those first couple images pop up on our screen, the lighting and props will try to steal the attention away from you. However, with the professional makeup and hairstyling that we provide, you will never be washed out in a photograph nor will the props stand out more than your gorgeous flowing hair.

Want to feel a little extra like a queen? Plan some of your photo session in our "Queen's Room" set. This room seeps with gold and elegance without being "too much" or taking away from you in the photographs. With the large silky bed and the full-length mirror you are sure to be left feeling just like the queen you always wanted to and probably sexier.

Take a look below at some of these gorgeous examples of what you might get if you pick the "Queen's Room" as one of your set options. Have questions? Feel free to call us anytime and we can help clear things up and get you booked on our session calendar!


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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