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Reason #923: Hunting Widows - Hunting for Love: A Sexy Lodge Boudoir Photography Session

What’s more alluring than a sexy, sultry boudoir session? A sexy, sultry boudoir session with a lodge-inspired theme. That’s right ladies - get ready to cozy up and unleash your inner huntress. From antlers to whiskey glasses to antlers, there are endless possibilities for an unforgettable boudoir experience. Let’s take a look at how you can bring this sensual yet classy look to life.

Go Wild with Props

One of the easiest ways to add some fun and whimsy to your boudoir shoot is by incorporating props into your look. Think antlers hung above the bed or draped over the mantelpiece, whiskey glasses being sipped from in front of a roaring fire, plaid flannels thrown over the bed…the options are endless! You can even include some hunting materials like small rifles or crossbows if you want to add a daring edge to your shoot (just make sure you’re following all safety regulations). With props like this, you can create an atmosphere that is both sexy and sophisticated.

Don’t forget the Details

When it comes to creating a lodge-themed boudoir photography session, it’s important not to overlook the details. Our sets incorporate some natural elements for an authentic lodge feel. You can also find items such as fur throws or blankets that will help make your scene more inviting and luxurious. And don’t forget about the "racks". Many women with hunters in their life know that as much as they love the racks of antlers, they enjoy your (ah-hem) rack even more. We can showcase both - the best of both worlds.

Show Off Your Style

The beauty of any boudoir photography session is that it should be tailored uniquely around you and your style - including everything from what you wear down to how you pose in front of the camera. When we're planning out your outfit ideas, we'll think classic lingerie pieces in dark hues like navy or black paired with rustic textures like wool or leather accents - they will complement the lodge theme perfectly while still showing off your individual style. As for poses, we'll incorporate elements of nature into yours such as lying on top of fur or leaning against a rugged backdrop; these simple adjustments will give an extra level of depth and drama to each shot you take.

See tons more shots from our Lodge Lookbook here. It's the sexiest lodge in Minnesota and beyond! Paneled with dark wood and draped with rich, embroidered curtains, you can almost image the rich oaky smell of the fire permeating the room from the ornately carved fireplace. Grab a glass of whiskey and wrap yourself in fur for some smokin' hot photographs in this sexy men's retreat.

No matter where you live (or hunt), a sexy lodge-themed boudoir photography session is definitely worth considering! Whether it's antlers hung overhead or whiskey glasses placed atop wooden tables, there are plenty of ways that you can bring out your wild side without compromising on classiness – making it perfect for anyone looking for something special yet sensual. So why not go ahead and schedule yourself a hunting trip…for love? We guarantee that it won't be one that you regret!

Contact Sugar and Spice Photography - for the best boudoir photography experience in Minnesota and around the globe today.



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Sugar & Spice Photography is a Minnesota based, women-owned small business that specializes in boudoir and pinup photography.

WE ARE...moms, wives, engaged, divorced or single women...and we are on a mission to share our passion with you! Our intimate and tasteful boudoir photography is created to...

...CELEBRATE each woman's individuality, helping them to look and feel beautiful, be playful and ooze sexuality with dignity, elegance and class.

...ENLIGHTEN and empower the women that we touch, and help them realize that they are beautifully and wonderfully made by their Creator.

...TRANSFORM and unveil the inner bombshell of each woman, by pampering her, laughing with her, and making her feel as amazing as she is!



A boudoir photography shoot with us is done tastefully and beautifully with an all female team to nurture your comfort and ensure that you feel pampered, empowered & sexy! Nervous? We will coach you through the entire amazing, super fun experience…from outfit selection to posing! We’ll give you the Hollywood treatment and help bring out your inner supermodel!

Our sessions INCLUDE hair styling - with clip-in hair extensions at no additional cost, professional photography makeup & false lash application.

Our drawers and closets are OVERFLOWING with smoldering lingerie and sexy costumes in sizes 0-26 and tons of shoes, accessories and props for you to choose from!

We have an adorable 6,000 sq ft studio serving Minneapolis and the Twin Cities with more than 20 amazing sets and countless props: from the bedroom the kitchen the locker room ...and everything in between!

Say BUH-BYE to lumps & bumps, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring & unwanted tattoos! We will contour and shape body to enhance your natural beauty. We have photographed women of ALL shapes, sizes & ages & we are masters of retouching. Our custom-tailored products INCLUDE body shaping and retouching.

You may be shocked that the perfect gift for him...turns out to be the perfect present for you, too….! Check out hundreds of testimonials from our clients who left their session feeling empowered, confident, beautiful and sexy! Discover your inner bombshell with a boudoir photo shoot experience with Sugar & Spice Photography.



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We know it's hard to pronounce, and even harder to spell (lol)... but if you are looking for a bonjour shoot, a bordeaux photo shoot, bordeaux photoshoot near me, boudoir photography mn near me, boudoir minneapolis - then look no further! You've found the best boudoir photographer in Minneapolis and the globe with Sugar and Spice Photography.

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