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Reason #59: You're Beautiful, it's True.

There is something we hear from women inquiring about a photoshoot quite often and goes a little like this: "I just want to feel beautiful." Whether it's those exact words or something very similar, that statement rings true for every woman. Even the women who look like they have it all together share in the longing of looking beautiful in photographs.

We at Sugar and Spice want to make one thing very clear to you all, you ARE beautiful. We don't photograph ugly women and magically make them gorgeous. Each and every single woman just, is. Some women don't have any curves, some women have lots of curves and some are somewhere in the middle. No matter your size, shape, color or age you are perfectly beautifully you. Helping you believe this is our main goal for every photoshoot.

We are your biggest fans. In our earlier blog we touched base on just how much fun we can have while you're in our studio. During the shoot we compliment you and cheer you on. Let us preface this by saying we would never lie about these encouragements. Yes, we compliment everyone but because everyone has different things to be complimented. We never over exaggerate. If we are jumping up and down about how amazing a photo is, it is because we are 100% excited about it.

Let us shower you in compliments, shout for joy and cry over how unbelievable your photos are. Why? Because you are beautiful and it's TRUE.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls.

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