Reason #547: A Fun Day (and What to Expect)

Most women are nervous to "do this thing that is totally out of my comfort zone", feel like you would never normally feel, and, it’s probably safe to say, look a way that you’ve never looked before.

First, you’ll be greeted with a smile (and probably a hug - we are totally huggers!)

Then, prepare for your jaw to drop as you take in the vastness of outfits, shoes and more in our Glam Room. We LOVE the comments when women come in and are completely blown away at what they have to choose from - since pictures don't do this area justice.

After a tour of our adorable - and oh, so giant studio and sets - get ready for a relaxing & pampering experience! You'll get comfortable in a cozy robe and spa slippers, and settle in with complimentary beverages and snacks. "She-mergency" items - all the care items you might need - are ready for you in your private dressing room.

We all start to feel like insta-girlfriends from the second you sit in our glam chair and start gabbing about life, love and everything else! Our professional creative artists will take care of your makeup application and hair styling (false eyelashes are non-negotiable in this situation & complimentary clip-in hair extensions give the pictures an extra WOW factor).

While we are glamming you up, we will talk all about you: your personality, your reason for doing the shoot, your vision, and of course...your insecurities. You may not feel confident to start, but our goal is to have you feeling beautiful, sexy, empowered and loved by the end of your shoot. We want to do whatever we can to help make you feel comfortable in your skin.

Our closets are overflowing with gorgeous lingerie (and can be overwhelming!), but trust us... (remember...we are already pretty much "besties" at this point): we know the closets and drawers inside and out, and we have tons of experience knowing what looks flattering and shoots well. We'll have fun working together to select sets, outfits and props that will help achieve your vision.

By the time we are ready to start shooting, you are comfortable with us adjusting those tricky garter belts straps. Although we are strangers just a bit ago, all of this seems totally normal.

Comfort = co