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Reason #121: It's Summer

What better way to celebrate your summer ready (or not) body than to get boudoir photos taken! Whether you've worked hard to achieve your goals, didn't quite make them or didn't even try for a summer body, you deserve a summer photoshoot!

The summer season can be difficult with the simple fact: it's hot outside. So, naturally you need to wear less clothing. This can be a self-esteem worry for most women as we so easily compare our flaws to what we see as other's "perfections".

The reality is that every woman this summer has something that she's not so excited about showing off. This may be natural winter weight that was gained over this really long, harsh winter, maybe it's cellulite (let's be real, we ALL have that), or maybe it's certain traits that just quite frankly can't be changed.

You know what? WHO CARES!? You're so beautiful and perfect just the way you are. You don't have to work hard to have the perfect summer body. If you've worked hard, awesome! If you didn't, awesome, you're still perfect. There isn't a perfect size, as much as the media would like to convince us there is. More importantly, there isn't a perfect size for a boudoir photoshoot. All sizes are perfect because you are you and that is what is truly sexy.

So, stop worrying about what other's are going to think when you put your swim suit on this summer because you are you and that's gorgeous! Don't worry about what you're going to look like when you put lingerie on for your photoshoot because again, you are simply, uniquely you and gorgeous.

See below for some inspiring photos that were taken in our studio to get you excited to book a boudoir photoshoot this summer! Feel free to call anytime with questions! We're excited to talk with you. <3


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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