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Reason #04: Groom's Gift

You're getting married, congratulations! We're excited for you and we're excited because it is officially wedding season!

Being a "Mrs. to-be" is one of the main reasons why women come in for photoshoots. It's honestly challenging to come up with a good gift to give your future spouse. Especially when so much of your thoughts & emotions are concentrating on so many other important things! Boudoir photo sessions are perfect because you're photos make great groom's gifts!

For most bridal boudoir sessions we photograph in our Naturally Simple set. This set has large windows and a gorgeous white canopy bed. It gives most brides exactly what they want: light and effortless photos. Not only do we have the perfect bridal set, we have everything you might need to make your time with us into your dream wedding session! We have wedding veils, both long and short, for your convenience. Our lingerie section also includes a ton of beautiful white options, from silky to covered in lace. To top the bridal look off, we also have a selection of bridal shoes and elegant jewelry. Long story short, we have everything to make you in to the sexy bride you've always dreamt of.

If you read all of that and thought, "that is just not me at all", that's perfectly fine! Not every bride has to go white and bridal focused. Each relationship is different and that's the beauty of two people coming together: they are uniquely them. So, maybe you love to cook for your future husband, we can do something sexy in the Kitchen set. Or maybe you can't cook at all but he loves the idea of the schoolgirl fantasy, we've got a set just for him!

Whatever you'd like to surprise your man with, we've got you covered. This is a day for you to be even more excited for an even more important day. The Sugar and Spice girls are excited to pamper you and to hear all about what you've been planning. We want to help you get the best photos to really put the "icing on the cake" to your wedding day.


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls




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