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"Out of the Comfort Zone." Molly's Story

I have always wanted to do this for my future husband and I just could not find the courage to do so! I recently lost 130 pounds and I still struggle with seeing myself how I once was. I decided to check out Sugar and Spice Photography and about an hour later I received a call from Amber! That little conversation we had completely changed my mind and gave me courage to finally do a shoot! She relieved my nerves by telling me about how the day would go down and answered every question of mine. I could tell that she truly cared about me and wanted me to have the time of my life! So I decided to do the shoot.

The very first person I met was of course Amber and she was even more amazing in person! She was so kind and had a huge smile on her face. She showed me around the whole studio answering my questions as we went and actually calmed me down because I was obviously so nervous!

I then met Lyndsay who is a phenomenal makeup artist! She was so kind, funny and genuine! She was actually interested who I was as a person and made me feel important. My hair and makeup looked BOMB! She was with me throughout the whole shoot as well and I couldn’t have done it without her hyping me up!

I then met Katya, my photographer! She was AMAZING! She is the cutest thing ever. She sits and talks and listens to you. While she was picking out outfits she didn't get offended I didn't like what she had picked out. Katya really just cares that you love what you're wearing. She is so talented at getting a feel for your style and picks things out accordingly. She is an INCREDIBLE photographer! She again encouraged me through out the session and I wish I did every scene that day because I didn’t want to stop!

Long story short, these women felt like long lost friends to me! We joked, we had deep conversations, we were honest with each other and they complimented me constantly!

I have never felt so comfortable and amazing in my life and I am so glad I made the decision to go out of my comfort zone.

I will be back to see these three beautiful souls again there is no doubt about that! These ladies have a place in my heart for life, that’s for sure!


<3 Molly Speckel

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