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Backstage: More Than Just a Job - LYNDSAY

My passion for makeup started before I was even allowed to wear it.

I followed Sugar and Spice on Facebook well before I started my journey with them 6 years ago. I loved the mission that Sugar and Spice embodies.

I feel God put it in my heart that I was meant to work with them and be part of this amazing team.

The women that come here daily have been my greatest teachers.

They teach me to love myself unconditionally and what it means to have a positive body image. Our clients share their stories and it’s so inspiring to me. They walk out of here confident and empowered.

My coworkers have become family to me. To be able to work in a place where everyone let’s you be who you are is a blessing. Over the years working at Sugar and Spice has brought me a tremendous amount of joy. I am thankful for the brave women who come here and have impacted my life.


Love <3

Lyndsay, a Sugar and Spice Girl

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