"Survivor." Kendy's Story

When I first came to Sugar & Spice 3 years ago, I was at my heaviest weight. I was not feeling good about myself, at all. My first session was a half-day, Bella Luce. In the final set of the day, I had on a super tight corset and thigh-high boots. The girls had told me to turn around for a shot and I heard screams of excitement. They said there was no way they couldn't share the picture they had just taken. I looked at the screen to see a photo of what would put Kim K to shame but then, almost as if on cue, I passed out on the floor! The girls rushed over to help, we laughed, and they edited out the scrapes I got!

Fast forward 2 years, I've done 3 more sessions.  Each session has documented a milestone in my life. The most recent time that I was in, the photographer commented about how my confidence has grown. I hit an 80 pound weight-loss and it was my 37th birthday. More importantly, 2 months earlier, I was hit by a drunk driver and I am very lucky to have survived. The accident gave me a new reality to face: muscular and skeletal injuries, upcoming surgeries to fix the damage, depression and anxiety.

That most recent session is important to me as I know what will be coming in the next few months and how long the recovery is going to be. I look at these pictures and they give me hope for my future.

The bottom line is, it doesn't matter if you are a size 32A, 44F, size 2 or 28. We are our own worst critic, and believe me, I can say this from experience.

We are all beautiful and these woman at Sugar and Spice help to bring that out in everyone!

Never once, have I had a bad experience with them and everyone that I have referred has been just as happy with their pictures as I have been. Sugar & Spice gives you everything you want...from clothes and accessories, to long thick hair, to even going on site at a different location!

There are so many companies out there that do these photos but they will never give you the experience that these ladies do. 

I leave every time with a smile on my face and a shake in my hips as I walk out of their building!

Kendy Walker <3

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