"Loving the Body I'm In." - Elisa's Story

I have struggled most of my life with loving the body I am in. Like many people, all I can see in myself are the flaws...never the beauty.

The little voice in my head is always telling me "your nose is too big", "your boobs are too small/far apart", "you're fat" ... while everyone else in my life tells me the opposite. I've done boudoir and other "naughty" styles of photography before and have always found it to be an empowering, love your body experience.

The end of 2020 was rough and the body dysmorphia and depression started to spiral out of control. I had found my way to boudoir photography on TikTok. It's like the universe told me that this is what I needed to do. I looked up professional boudoir photographers in Minneapolis and found Sugar and Spice Photography. I cannot tell you how many times I almost booked a session but it was "just so expensive", and I couldn't justify spending the money when I was trying to save for a home.

About 2 weeks later I'm scrolling through TikTok and a boudoir photographer pops up and explains that it's a luxury experience and you want to pay good money for it. (After all, you get what you pay for!) So with the holidays around the corner and NO idea what to get my partner, I booked a shoot.

The week leading up to my boudoir photo shoot with Sugar and Spice Photography, I was so excited and knew exactly what I had wanted out of this. I wanted to love myself again. Sure, I was doing this as a gift to my partner, but I was primarily doing this for me.

These girls sure did deliver the luxury experience I paid for! My hair and makeup was INCREDIBLE! While I had brought most of my own lingerie and heels, they still provided me other options. I gave them some inspiration pics and told them my vision for the shoot.

It felt like I was having my best friends take pics of me, not a stranger I met an hour ago.

I was able to sneak a few looks at the pics as we had gone and I was blown away with what I was seeing. By the end of the shoot...

I had already felt my confidence increase and my self-love started to go back up.

About a half week later I got my proofs back and I didn't recognize the girl in those pics. My initial reaction was "Holy fu*k! I don't know who that is, but surely it cannot be me!" As I was looking through the pictures, I couldn't believe how hot I was. My boobs aren't too small or far apart. I'm not fat. That is ME! That is what I look like. It has been so powerful to see myself through other people's eyes. I'm not sure what all I'm going to do with all 400 pics I got back, but I do know I'll be back for more!



We hope other women can see from your experience that you DO get what you pay for. We provide a luxury experience with the BEST, most experienced and fun team and studio in the country. We are so happy that we had a part in you seeing how HOT you are. YOU are WORTH IT!

As our Mission states:

As women, we spend countless dollars in our lifetime on beauty products, designer clothing and other products to make us feel beautiful and pampered, but personal photographs aren't a consideration for most of us.