Love Note: by the MEN - Raves in the men's own words

Never thought my wife would be able to do this or even had it in her. She looks like a model. I love it.

You can read THOUSANDS of raves about our boudoir photo shoot experiences here in the Twin Cities from our amazing clients, but....what about their men? What do they think?

We get so many kick-butt emails & reviews from the husbands, fiances and S.O.s of our clients, so we thought we'd share what the MEN have to say (in their own words!!!)

My wife looked amazing in the pictures she had taken. I can't stop looking at them. Hoping she gets more done in the future. ~ Alan A

I was seriously speechless when she showed me a couple pictures from her photo shoot. I cannot wait to see all the other ones after she orders them. You all did a great job and made her feel very comfortable. ~James M

You did such a great job making my wife see how beautiful she truly is. She loved getting dressed up and the whole makeover experience. We can't wait to look at the pictures and pick out our favorites to buy. She feels more confident in herself after looking at the pictures and seeing how hot she is. ~Dan K

Just wanted to drop a quick note and say how absolutely impressed I am with the photos your company took of my wife. I have seen some of the other work you have done, but to see my own wife so beautifully photographed took my breath away. This really is a win win for us, because being a stay at home mom, she doesn't always feel as pretty as I know she is, and it allows me to appreciate the gorgeous woman I married in a new light. The biggest obstacle I have from your work is wanting to show these pictures to everybody and show her off! Thank you very much for the detail, care, and professionalism you showed my wife. We will highly recommend you to our friends! ~Jon R

Photos were a nice birthday surprise. I liked the assortment of pics and the different backgrounds (like the garage and hunting) ~Brian K

It was a surprise gift for me. And let me tell you, you ladies did an amazing job. I knew she was a beautiful woman. But you ladies made that beauty and sexiness get caught in these photos. I know she's planning on going back for more already. And I cannot wait to see more. Thank you so much. ~Michael C