Backstage: Janelle - the Adventurous

This soft-spoken beauty joined our team on the recommendation of her sister, Julianne (who is a Creative Artist on our team). We immediately were taken by her sweet spirit and talent for boudoir photography. Being adventurous is always what she aims to be - and she loves trying new things.

We recently took some AH-MAZING, jaw-dropping pictures of Janelle for her 40th birthday! (Yes, you heard that right...this woman is FORTY!!!)

Janelle loves:

  • Dancing - Janelle is an AMAZING dancer and taught an adult beginner hip hop class. She loves music so much, and hopes to be involved in music someday/somehow.

  • Traveling - She absolutely LOVES to travel! Italy has been her favorite place to travel thus far. The top travel destinations on her list? Hawaii & Bali

  • Playing volleyball

  • Her 2 brothers & 2 sisters (and her ever-growing clan of nieces and nephews - eight so far!)

Favorite part about being a part of the Sugar and Spice Photography team:

Empowering ladies & uplifting them. Doing something for them that they don't get everyday. Also, I LOVE taking pictures, so getting to do that for women for their boudoir photo shoot experience is the icing on the cake!

Janelle's favorite quote:

In order to fully love others, you have to fully love yourself first.


Early bird! (but NOT too early - I like to get the day going and accomplish things)


Laughing Emoji with Tears


Janet Jackson (it was AWESOME!)

She has "guns" to be envious of (which probably doesn't hurt when your full time job is a package handler with FedEx).

We want you to get to know ALL of our amazing and talented boudoir photography team members. You can read Janelle's BIO (along with ALL of our team member's bios) on our Sugar and Spice Photography's Meet Our Team page.