"A Survivor of Domestic Abuse." - Diana's Story

I’m a 38 years old woman of color and I’m a domestic abuse survivor.... I was married to my former spouse for 12 years and we have two beautiful girls (8yo & 4yo) together. I’ve endured every form of abuse you can possibly imagine in an intimate relationship - physical, emotional, financial...to name a few.

In May of 2019, one evening when I brought home my daughter (then 6 years old) home from school, she told me:

"Momma, I don’t like the way daddy is treating you. He should go into time out”.

I was stunned, shocked and disappointed all at once. I knew if I stayed in that marriage, as a Christian woman, I would be lying to myself and setting a bad example for my children for the rest of our lives. I had gained over 40 lbs with two pregnancies; at my heaviest I was 168 lbs in May of 2019 and I’m 5’4” tall. His family routinely body shamed me and compared me to other women who didn’t gain any weight with pregnancies or the ones who lost the baby weight soon after giving birth. I toiled night & day working as an RN in Healthcare and raised two children with no help from my former spouse or our families.

In Dec of 2019, I did a Boudoir shoot at Sugar & Spice Photography, which gave me a new purpose to focus on myself more than I ever had. Today, I actively strength train & workout 7 days a week and have weight 124 lbs. I serve as an inspiration to women of all sizes and shapes in my church, at work and continue to motivate those who follow me in my FB through my health & fitness journey. I’ve been asked on numerous occasions to pose for the fitness studio I regularly train at.

This is me, at the end of another tough year for all plagued by a pandemic, posing to empower women.

I fight the good fight as a front line healthcare worker during the day and still weight train and live my life as a single mom raising two beautiful daughters. Many of my good friends are abuse victims themselves and these pictures will serve my friends at our SWMN Domestic Abuse shelter, CADA (Committee Against Domestic Abuse) as an inspiration to other abuse survivors... Please feel free to share my story...I’m on board with you all beautiful ladies! Let’s empower and hand hold each other. Warmly, Diana


We are so proud of you! We know sharing your story will motivate so many to continue or start their own health & fitness journeys!

xoxo, The Sugar & Spice Girls


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