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"A Priceless Gift." Marny's Story

Dear Sugar and Spice, 

I wrote this love note after that important day... the day of my boudoir photo shoot session. It was a miracle that I mustered up the courage to initiate this horrifying task, let alone knocking on the studio door. I truly remember that moment thinking... omg, what am I doing?! I can't do this!!

I calmed myself with the thought of all the other women who had done it and that this was going to be a gift for my husband. The absolute second the ladies welcomed me at the door, the entire reasoning for doing this changed! Seriously, within minutes, the feel of everything was so fun, light and supportive. The entire studio and the process was amazing.

I developed a bond with the wonderful women and I didn't feel uncomfortable or a sliver of inhibition anymore!! At this point, we hadn't even gotten down to the skivvies or taken a single spicy picture. They turned my painful nerves into excitement!

The shoot was direct and playful, they position you and know exactly what they're doing. In between photos and posing, we laughed and it almost felt as if we had worked together before (in my daydream modeling career lol).  But most of all, the shoot was incredibly empowering and uplifting! I know that sounds cliché but I honestly cant find enough words to explain how deep this impacted my womanly confidence and struggling self-esteem. 

The women felt like my close girlfriends and I was bummed when it came time to leave! They were a big part of my experience that built my confidence not just for the shoot but for my life.

I honestly felt the "high" for days afterwards and was definitely glowing. I did not expect that! I was so surprised at how striping for that camera for a surprise for my husband could resonate beyond the sheets and into other aspects of my world!

Thank you, Sugar and Spice, for the tangible and intangible, priceless gift.


<3 Marny

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