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Covid19 Plan

Prepardness Plan


Sugar & Spice Photography is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our workers and clients. To ensure that, we have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Managers and workers are all responsible for implementing this plan. Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our workplaces and communities, and that requires full cooperation among our workers, management and clients. Only through this cooperative effort can we establish and maintain the safety and health of our workplaces.

Management and workers are responsible for implementing and complying with all aspects of this COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. Sugar & Spice Photography managers and supervisors have our full support in enforcing the provisions of this policy.

Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines, federal OSHA standards related to COVID-19 and Executive Order 20-48, and addresses:

  • hygiene and respiratory etiquette;

  • engineering and administrative controls for social distancing;

  • customer controls and protections for drop-off, pick-up and delivery;

  • housekeeping, including cleaning, disinfecting and decontamination;

  • prompt identification and isolation of sick persons;

  • communications and training that will be provided to managers and workers; and

  • management and supervision necessary to ensure effective implementation of the plan.


Make sure you inform yourself of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19.  You can get information HERE.  We encourage you to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 

If you are sick or experiencing symptoms, when household members are sick, or if you are required by a health care provider to isolate or quarantine yourself or a member of your household, stay home and immediately contact the management via a phone call.  If you are sick or experiencing symptoms while in the workplace, you must immediately contact the management via a phone call.  The studio will immediately be closed, and the worker sent home.  If you have been exposed to a person with COVID-19 at the workplace, you will immediately contact the management via a phone call, and will be required to quarantine for the required amount of time.


You may utilize your available Paid Time-Off benefits during this time.  In addition, we will protect the privacy of your health status and health information.


Basic infection prevention measures are in place and being implemented at our workplace at all times. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water frequently throughout the day, but especially at the beginning and end of your shift, prior to any mealtimes, and after using the toilet.  Clients will be required to wash their hands prior to or immediately upon entering the facility. The bathroom is available for hand washing, and one-time use paper towels and/or clothes will be provided.  You will be allowed to perform hand washing as described, and as much as is necessary, and/or that you feel comfortable with and/or between visitors and/or after any visitor contact or interactions.  Hand-sanitizer dispensers (that use sanitizers of greater than 60% alcohol) will be available and placed in convenient, easily accessible areas throughout the studio and can be used for hand hygiene in place of soap and water, as long as hands are not visibly soiled.


Cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve or a tissue when coughing or sneezing and avoid touching your face - in particular your mouth, nose and eyes - with your hands. Dispose of tissues in the trash, and wash or sanitize hands immediately afterward. Respiratory etiquette will be demonstrated for workers and clients with signage, and supported by making tissues and trash receptacles available to all workers and clients. 


Social distancing is being implemented in the workplace through the following engineering and administrative controls:  shifts are staggered to reduce the number of employees in the workplace at one time (meaning we will never have more than 4 of our 10 team members in the studio during a session).  Maintain six feet of distance whenever possible.  Contact management via a phone call or submit the online form found in the employee handbook should you wish to voice any concerns. 

You are free to use protective supplies, such as masks or non-medical cloth face coverings, gloves, disinfectant, shields, etc.  Do not use other worker’s personal protective equipment.   Do not gather in groups or confined areas.  Refrain from using other workers’ phones, personal work tools, equipment, etc. 


Clients must ring the doorbell when they arrive and wait outside the studio door until you are ready to welcome them.  No guests or visitors will be allowed into the studio at any time. 


Also let the clients know that we are working toward as little contact as possible with all of the items around the studio, so we would appreciate their help with that.  Discourage clients from touching outfits and other items in the studio.  Let them know that we will be happy to pull items, jewelry, props, etc. (which most clients prefer since the choices can be overwhelming).  You can show them products (and we encourage this!), but they will not be available for clients to physically touch for now.


Do not offer clients coffee, water or other beverages.  Clients will be allowed to bring their own.  We encourage you to bring your own drinks from home; however, beverage dispensers will be available for your personal use, as long as they are sanitized before and after use. 


Regular housekeeping practices are in place and being implemented, including routine cleaning and disinfecting of work surfaces, tools and equipment, areas in the work environment (including bathroom and office area).  All items normally cleaned, sanitized and/or disinfected should be sprayed with C3 as well.  Clean high touch areas frequently.  (Specific areas will be noted on list at studio).

Stations with disinfectant wipes and/or spray and C3 spray will be set up around the studio (ensure a station by the makeup station in the glam room and near the computer cart are readily available and stocked).  You can set up a “portable” station, or stations in other areas as you see fit.  Disposable gloves will also be available.  

A professional, commercial cleaning company will continue to clean the studio on a bi-weekly basis, and the studio will be cleaned before/after/between customers and/or as much as necessary.   If a worker is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will use the most efficient protocol available to clean, sanitize and disinfect the studio. 


Disinfect bed sheets between clients with 2-3 mists of C3 spray, AND change bed sheets daily, after three uses or as often as deemed necessary.  Use list at studio to track.  Props, blankets and other items used by clients in sets should also be disinfected with 2-3 mists of C3 spray.


Show clients outfits choices to discourage contact with more outfits than necessary.  Outfits that are not soiled and do not need a laundering can be put in the “Sort-to-be-put-away” bin, and - as time allows - hang, spray with C3 and put away when dry.  Mist shoes with C3 spray and return to shoe shelf to dry.  

Glam Area:

All areas need to be wiped down and then need 2-3 mists of C3 (a small amount goes a long way).  Cosmetic tools or implements:  remove dirt and debris, mist with even saturation and wipe clean.  Saturate powders, pencils and other products - and allow to dry - before using.  We will be happy to pull items, jewelry, props, etc.  


As much time as necessary will be allowed to properly complete these tasks.  Use list in studio to manage and ensure completion.  The schedule will be adjusted going forward after we learn more about how much time is needed.  In the meantime, we will ask clients for their patience if we are running behind (and of course, we appreciate your patience, cooperation and feedback!)

HERE is a link to the information a client will be asked to read before coming to the studio.


Complete the free & quick (take about 10 minutes) Barbicide certification HERE.

For those who have not heard of Bactronix/C3, its a non-toxic disinfecting spray that is shown to kill COVID19 that can be used to disinfect the makeup pallets and can be used on pretty much all surfaces. For a description of the spray, click HERE.

To become certified in Bactronix/C3, click HERE.


This Preparedness Plan was communicated to all workers via email on Friday, May 15th.  Training will be provided to anyone who requests it.  Additional communication and training will be ongoing via email and any outlets.  Instructions will be communicated to clients about their role in this COVID-19 Preparedness Plan.  Managers and supervisors are to monitor how effective the program has been implemented by inspections, and/or by communicating on a daily or as necessary basis on the effectiveness of the Plan.  Management and workers are to work through this new program together and update the training as necessary. This COVID-19 Preparedness Plan has been certified by Sugar & Spice Photography management and was posted online and throughout the workplace.  It will be updated as necessary.

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