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Clients should NOT be started before their scheduled appointment time.  IF they are there EARLY, they can look at outfits.

Client should NOT be ended after their scheduled appointment time.  


If there is deviation from this, there should be detailed notes.  If they “went over” shooting:  WHY?  If they started shooting early: WHY?  If there’s no explanation, they will not be paid for it.


They should have AT LEAST - BARE MINIMUM 50 pictures taken per look, but preferably AT LEAST 75-100 pictures taken per look.  MORE POSES.  We don’t want them to take LESS pictures per look, we just don’t want 30 of a pose & only 3 poses.  We want 6 different poses with 10 pictures each. An Allure used to have around 300 pictures taken.  We just had an Allure shoot with only 78 pictures taken.  That should be what a FLIRT would get.  She was severely shorted & will need a re-shoot.


HORIZONTAL SHOTS 60-75% - NEVER TAKE A vertical shot when they are laying on their back - NEVER 

SMILING SHOTS - NEED TO WATCH THIS & TAKE MORE - at least 75% smiling when client notes that on their questionnaire



Team should punch in AT the start time.  If the client is arriving right at 10, girls should not be punching in until client is ready to start HMU OR unless they are working (cleaning up makeup cart, organizing hair, etc.)

PINUP - If client does not want victory rolls, please note it & take the time to do old school waves or more time shooting

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