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In the studio, we are blessed to hear personal stories from our clients that inspire us, bring us to tears, and fill our hearts with laughter and happiness. 


We want to share these bring hope, inspiration and joy to others!!!  Do you have a story that you are willing to share?

Tell Your Story


Email us HERE - we'll have someone call you for a quick informal "interview" to get your story, and we'll "put it to paper".


(please include the best # and time to call).


Email us your story in your own words HERE.


Email us a video/digital voice message of you telling your story, and we'll "put it to paper".  Click HERE to submit.


If you have an upcoming appointment for a photo shoot, please share your story with our team during your time in the studio.  Give us a head's up that you have a story to share HERE.

More Info

  • Choose one of the options above to get your story to us.  We will edit your story as necessary & post it with some of your pictures (to show them off) on our website, blog and/or social media platforms. 

  • If you haven't already, please click the button below to complete our form and select to OPT IN, so we have your OK to use your retouched photographs.  We can't tell your story without this (although we don't have to use your name!).  We're happy to offer you a preview of the story before it's published if you request this when submitting your story.

  • If your name and/or contact info has changed since your session with us, please let us know!

  • If we choose to include any other images with your story (that were not part of your order), we will retouch them & send them to you via a download link - absolutely free.

  • Need some examples?  See some previous client stories HERE.

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