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Outfit Selection

Product Manager

Our expansive glam room closet with all its choices can be very overwhelming. We know our inventory inside & out and we can give you plenty of options and help you choose the perfect outfit from top to bottom - including shoes & accessories!  

We don’t pull outfits ahead of time because many people aren't sure what sets they want to shoot on or what "looks" they want to do until they arrive.  Many others change their minds (and plan) once they actually see the studio. Also, since there are so many different opinions and tastes, pulling sizes written down can be tricky.  We have found that it isn’t practical to pull things in advance. It usually works better to show the studio & get a feel in person for what someone “goes for”.

Since we want to give you as much time in front of the camera as possible, there is only limited time for outfit selection during your appointment, but again...our team will help you with this.

We usually like you to have no more than 2 outfit options per look - so please let us know if something doesn’t fit or you’d like to try something else....but if you like the first thing you try on, we recommend going with it ‘cuz the more time you spend choosing outfits or changing, the less time we have to photograph you.

Outfit Selection
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