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Staff Handbook - Shooting Notes




Goal: 75 pictures per look; Less shots of the same pose - more poses, more variety!  They should have AT LEAST - BARE MINIMUM 50 pictures taken per look, but preferably AT LEAST 75-100 pictures taken per look.   We don’t want them to take LESS pictures per look, we just don’t want 30 of a pose & only 3 poses.  We want 6 different poses with 12 pictures each. 


Watch the computer & remember to check lighting - and get lots of pose & angle changes.  Directing can be as simple as saying:  “Look at my hand, now smile at my hand, now smile at photographer, now drop the smile" (& DONE!)  Ready for...LIGHTING & ANGLE CHANGE.  We don’t want more than a couple of each - looking down, not smiling, etc. 



Take more HORIZONTAL shots.  Instead of taking 80% vertical & 20% horizontal, we would like it AT LEAST 50/50.  Help remind each other to turn the camera.  Make sure the shots are not BLURRY!

Pictures of a client lying on their back, should rarely be taken vertically.



Check for hot spots & nicely lit shots - especially face, light the legs- light should be consistent throughout ALL of the look.  Absolutely NO colored light on faces.  EVER.  


Make sure you get a variety of smiling & sexy face shots, but pay special attention to the client's pre-shoot questionnaire to ensure that if they "feel sexiest when smiling", for example, that you take mostly (maybe even 75%) smiling shots.



Eyes should be crisp, bright (not muddy or blurry);  face should be lit without harsh lighting.  Watch for shadows under the eyes.  


Shots where eyes are LOOKING DOWN or AWAY has to be straight on to avoid the lazy, weird eye looks OR too much white of the eye showing (we see this often & it can be avoided by having them look at your hand, near the camera)


"Pose" hair throughout the ENTIRE shoot!  Ask yourself:  “Can we FLIP or FAN?”  USE THE FAN WHENEVER POSSIBLE!!!  Make sure there are no snarls, weird lumps, fuzziness or extensions showing.  Hair should not be in front of eye for every picture (a few shots is cool, but not most).



Look for “claws”, flat "Barbie" hands or other awkward hands - make sure hand doesn't “jump” out.  Avoid gripping the sheets & other items awkwardly.  Check to make sure ring is showing & isn’t turned.  Don’t cut off the shot at the wrist or other weird spot.  Change position of hands & arms frequently.



Make sure toes are pointed and heels showing.  Don’t don’t cut off the shot at the ankles or other weird spot.



Think:  space & curves!  Is back curve showing?  Is stomach hidden or turned, if needed?  Use sheets or blankets to create more curve.  Please don’t hide the curve with an arm or something else!  Make sure there is SPACE between arms & body for retouching;  Hide rolls.  Ask: would I like to see this in my proofs?  If there is a tattoo - make sure the skin is not "folded".



Check sheets & pillows for weird exposure, check overall scene. 


Avoid fishnet, chains/jewelry on skin for curvy women.  

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