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Staff Handbook - The Script


I wanted to give you a quick explanation on how your shoot will go today. We’re gonna glam you up first - which will take a good hour or so, and during that time, we’ll chat about your vision & pick some outfits!

We usually like you to have no more than 2 outfit options per look - so please let us know if something doesn’t fit or you’d like to try something else....but if you like the first thing you try on, we recommend going with it ‘cuz the more time you spend choosing outfits or changing, the less time we have to photograph you.

Once you’re changed, we’ll shoot your first look for about 20 minutes or so, getting as many poses as possible. The girls will be posing & coaching you, so the better you respond, the more shots we can get. (Then, you’ll change for your next look).

The time in the studio is yours, and we don’t want you to feel rushed, but we will push you a bit, so we can take as many shots as possible. If we’re going to fast for you, or if you need a break...please let us know! If you’re not understanding things, or want something specific, PLEASE let us know.


If there’s ANYTHING you don’t like or there’s something we’re missing - remember we can’t read your mind & we WON’T be offended! And...we are here to help you, so please don’t be afraid to ask!


Show them and/or give them a few products to look at while they are in the Glam chair

We have tons of different products - let me show you a couple ideas: Our favorite and most popular product is our books & albums (let me show you the difference between an album & a book). Show: mini books, postcards, calendars, etc. & say - some of these products are Enhancer Products that you can Add-On for cheap! (If you have something special you’re interested - let me know, so I can show you an example.)

All of the information & pricing for products and ordering are on our website, but our Production Princess, Chelsey is fabulous at helping you with your order and answering any questions you have.


We know we are our own worst critics & can be so hard on ourselves...and these pictures are RAW - without any post-production work or retouching- so all the flaws, including body flaws and lighting flaws that would be corrected are CLEARLY visible - especially on the big screen.  


It can be discouraging for some people or take away from the surprise.  It also takes some time away from shooting.  So although we don’t always recommend it, IF you are interested in seeing some of the shots, you'll need to you remind us (since we don't typically do this), and we WILL show you a few pictures here & there, so you can see how it’s going.


Usually at the end of the shoot (usually while taking out extensions)

Ok...we're going to go through your images, remove test shots, any with your eyes closed, or shots that didn't work, etc., but we try to leave in as many as possible. We will crop some, turn some black & white, add a filter or some minor skin smoothing, so you have options....but REMEMBER, the proofs are NOT retouched....but Body shaping & retouching is INCLUDED with our products.

Usually within a couple weeks, you'll receive a link for your private online portfolio. Make sure to check your spam, but if you don't see an email after a couple weeks, please contact us right away.


If they ask or have concerns...

We hope you won't pass by a a photo because you can't imagine the finished product! If we don’t think we can achieve the BEST possible end result, we don't include the picture in your proofs - so you can rest assured that the pictures you choose (even if the proof shows some imperfections) will look absolutely AMAZING!

Say BUH-BYE to lumps & bumps and say HELLO to sexier curves! Kiss those extra pounds away! We will contour and shape your body (such as: shrinking the waist, flattening the tummy, thinning out arms & thighs, etc.).


We also smooth & even out skin and remove stretch marks, cellulite, scarring and unwanted tattoos.

We even have a trick to “plump” your breasts to give you a fuller, perkier look...and we always add glamorizing effects - like teeth and eye whitening. Think: Digital Botox & Digital Cellulite Eraser.


We want to enhance your natural beauty, so we are careful to retouch your pictures just enough to be the most beautiful "real you". You can trust our talent and vision to produce the same quality of photographs for you that you see on our website.

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