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CALENDAR (qualify with 15+ picture order)

CALENDAR (qualify with 15+ picture order)

$315.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price



    To qualify for enhancer products, you must first place a main order of at least 15 retouched images (Proof Images DO NOT qualify). 


    We'll take the images from your main product order and create your Enhancer product using those images - and you'll get a gorgeous product at a significantly discounted price. 


    Order as many Enhancer products as you'd like!


    HEAVENLY calendar (regular order price $315)

    Give him a taste of heaven on earth!  This 12 month oversized calendar has a feel similar to a Sports Illustrated calendar with a full bleed picture on top & a calendar page on the bottom. Spiral bound in center. The page is 10" x13" in size - 13 pages with cover.


    Since calendars include 12 images, we will choose 12 images from your order to include.  If you have more than 12 images, and want all of your pictures included, contact us & we will place a custom order for you.

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