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Reason #80: Goal Achievement.

Many women come into the studio because a certain event has happened to encourage them to do the photoshoot. This goal could be many different things! It's intimidating to book a boudoir session for no other reason than just for yourself, so sometimes it's nice to have that extra little push. & we love to celebrate whatever goal you've reached!

Most of the time women come in as a reward for meeting their weight-loss goal. What better way to document your new body than to rock it in sexy lingerie! It's empowering to see the new you in photos that completely bring out the best in your body.

It's also encouraging for women to come in during the entire process of losing weight, each little milestone is important! Even after losing 5 pounds, it's important to reward yourself with some confidence which then fuels your motivation to keep going.

Maybe you've been wanting to gain weight, gain muscle or just had a baby and need to celebrate what you're body just accomplished! Whatever the reason or important time in your life, it's the best time to come in for a boudoir photoshoot.

Honestly, every day is the best day to come in for a photoshoot and we believe that your life is worth celebrating all the time. Sometimes, you don't reach your goal by the time that you scheduled you're shoot, and that is perfectly fine! Why? Because this will give you the extra motivation to feel beautiful, empowered and will allow you to love yourself so much so that you want to continue on your journey. So, mark your calendars with your important goal date and schedule that photoshoot!


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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