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Reason #887: For the Memories.

This isn't a reason people usually associate with why to come in for a boudoir shoot. However, as staff at Sugar and Spice, this is one of our absolute favorite things. Why? Because every woman that comes in has different personalities: you're all perfectly unique.

One of the best things that happens is we begin to interact with you like old friends. Since boudoir shoots are such intimate processes, everyone becomes close quite fast. None of our interactions are awkward or misplaced, they feel normal. This process is so refreshing, as the client and staff. We get to know you, your dreams, your fears and the simple things in life that make you the happiest.

During the photoshoot we laugh a lot. So much so that we create our own inside jokes. Sometimes the jokes are about things that we say during the shoot. Maybe it's something we mispronounced, repeated or even just something embarrassing that we did. Other times these jokes are created by clients bringing in something unique. Whatever the reason for these laughable moments, they are special.

Before you leave we often have you sign our autograph board. This is mainly just for us to remember you and your shoot. However, it's also for when you come again to see and reminisce on the memories from your first shoot. There are many signatures on our boards that include inside jokes and this means more to us than you will ever know.

So when you build up the courage to come in for a shoot, get ready for a fun, memorable experience. You'll sign the board at the end and laugh feeling confident and loved by our staff. In a few weeks after signing that board, you'll receive your photos. We LOVE to hear from you then as well. We've received many "thank you" cards and notes that make the entire process the most memorable process for you and for us.


"Thanks for the Memories."

Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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Thinking about doing this for my birthday in June. You only turn 62 once!!

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