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Reason #77: We Value Every Size

Unfortunately, this seems to be a slight problem in the boudoir industry. Sometimes during a photoshoot our clients mention that they were rejected in the process of scheduling a shoot until they found us. Honestly, that just breaks our hearts. To be fair, we understand that companies have the right to chose the art aesthetic they want for their photographs. However, we just don't agree that it should determine who has the opportunity to feel beautiful.

At Sugar and Spice we truly value sizes and shapes of women, so much so that we carry all sizes in our outfits selections: we have anywhere from size 0-28. Boudoir is a special type of photography that we want women to know doesn't have to just photograph very fit and model-esque type women.

The beauty of having all women in for photoshoots is that we get to see such a variety of beauty and help you feel the way you actually look, not just the way society wants you to feel bout your body. There is something so special in being a part of a photoshoot that is for the everyday women: moms, nurses, married, divorced, single, grandmothers, etc. Being beautiful isn't determined by your size and shape, it's determined by who you are as a WHOLE.

So when you come in for a session, whether you know what you want to wear or you have no idea, we will be able to find something that will show off the best parts of you. Every color, every style, ever shoe, jewelry and theme option is here, waiting for your exact body shape to wear.

On this National Women's Day be proud of exactly who you are because you are simply amazing. Look through these photos of outfits for every size and shape below to inspire you on just how amazing we, as women, are. & Look at how beautiful every single one of these pictures are!


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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