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Reason #6: Because it's Fall.

Fall is a great time to do many different things: stroll through a pumpkin patch, drink apple cider, make homemade kettle corn, cuddle up next to your sweetheart with a classic movie and in between all of this, ordering tons of pumpkin spiced lattes. We could go on, but we do want to mention another thing that you can do in this transitional season...a fall boudoir photoshoot.

Let's be honest, all seasons are great to come in for a session. We probably will write a blog post for each one since the great state of Minnesota brings new seasons each with different traditions. However, there is just something about fall, isn't there?

Our fall sessions are filled with sweaters, tall socks, and a cozy fireplace in our "Whiskey Room" set. Sometimes, we even have the opportunity to shoot on location with the colored leaves flowing through the breeze around us.

Whichever tradition you are most fond of you can incorporate it in your session. During the autumn months our shelves are stocked with pumpkin flavored coffee and our racks are full of warm cardigans and plaid shirts. Whatever part of fall you love most, make sure to remember, first and foremost, to fall in love with yourself.

Our hope is that we, as women, begin to make our own fall tradition that focuses on falling in love with who we are.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls.

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