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Reason #34: Confidence Boost

We'd love to tell you that women are jumping up and down from excitement when they walk through our door for their sessions. However, that is hardly ever the case. We, (yes, all of us women who work here experience this too!) are our own worst critics. It's challenging when we are constantly competing with the famous faces we see posted all over our phone screens. Therefore, we don't think that we have anything to be confident in.

What we don't usually consider while we're comparing ourselves to all of these gorgeous women online is that they have a group of professionals working on their behalf. They have the finances to build themselves a team that provides their skin care, hair, makeup, outfit selection and photography for every photo. We, as the average joe's of society, don't usually get to experience what that is like. So then, how is it fair that we are comparing ourselves to them?

One of our makeup artists, Lyndsay, explains it this way: "If I'm running a race and I see that someone else has their starting line miles in front of mine, I wouldn't even think about comparing my run towards theirs. Why? Because, no matter how hard I try to catch up I wouldn't be able to. So why then are we trying to catch up to these women who are beginning at different starting lines? It's not their fault or ours, that's just how life works sometimes."

Here in our studio, we are able to provide you with your own team. You are pampered with professional makeup and hair styling. Our closet is already full of outfits that we help pick out for you. The team in the studio wants the very best for you and completely styles you from head to toe. Then, our amazing photographer captures you from your best angles. The outcome? Professional photos that most people didn't think they would ever achieve. These photography sessions are your chance to experience what is like to be pampered as much as the women in the photos you scroll through on a daily basis.

One thing that we want our clients to realize is that everyone is human. No matter how much or little makeup you have on, how styled your hair is and what kind of device the picture is taken on, we are all in this together. We have joy in what we do because we help you gain confidence in yourself. Comparing yourself to others is the most harmful thing you can do. Every woman, even the ones that look like they have it all together, struggle with confidence. Let us boost your confidence by showing you how beautiful you truly are.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls.

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