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Reason #24: Hair and Makeup

We know that you want to look stunning on your the day of your photoshoot & that's why we provide hair and makeup for you! The best part? If you book any regular session, this is INCLUDED in your time in our studio.

This is great news for every woman, whether you do your makeup regularly or not. If you never do your makeup this can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders because you can trust us to do it for you! If you do your makeup on the daily, then you won't be afraid of how much we put on and it can be a nice break from doing it yourself.

We never put makeup on your face that isn't your style. If you know exactly what makeup style you want to go for, awesome! We love giving you what you were dreaming of. Don't know what you want at all? That's great too! We will ask you questions to get a feel for what style you'd like. With all that in mind, we take a look at your face structure and other details and adjust your makeup to bring out the best in your face.

Yes, we did mention something about how much makeup we put on. It is a lot, especially for women who don't usually wear any makeup at all. However, this process is all about trust. Everything on camera translates differently than it does in real life. What would look like a good amount of makeup in the mirror barley shows up after the pictures are taken. It may seem like a shock, but we promise that we won't lead you wrong.

Don't forget about the hairstyling that we provide. One of the most special and unique things that we offer in our studio is styled clip in hair extensions. Not only are these amazing quality, they are also handmade with love by one of our owners, Chelsey Skelly. They add volume and length to your hair to just add the extra "oomph" to your photos. We have long extensions and we also have shorter extensions for everyones preferences!

Most of our clients spend about an hour/hour and a half in that hair and makeup chair. This gives us plenty of time to talk about the details of your shoot, pick out outfits and get to know each other. By the time that your hair and makeup is finished, we will be really good friends and your whole shoot will be planned!

So don't spend the money on a photoshoot and getting your hair and makeup done. Come to Sugar and Spice and we will help you with the entire shoot from pampering you in hair and makeup to when you walk out the door with nothing left but waiting to get your pictures back.

Hard to imagine what the hair and makeup time would feel like? Below we have a fun timelapse for you to watch. Stephanie from Lady Boss was in our studio a couple months ago and she gives you a fun example of just how fun and painless the entire process is!


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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