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Reason #202: It's an Amazing Gift Idea

After you've been dating your significant other for a good amount of time, gift ideas become challenging. You want something your gift to be unique and special. Theres a longing for your present to be more than just a purchased item from a store. A boudoir photoshoot is surprising, meaningful and can be wrapped beautifully to be kept a secret until the final unveiling.

Many times women come into our studio excited beyond measure because it's something her man would never expect her to do. Sometimes, he does know and it leaves him waiting in anticipation for the photos.

Whichever way the gift is given, it's very special for him to have documentation of the very way he knows and loves you: beautiful. Not only does it give him butterflies it also gives you confidence seeing his enjoyment in the final product. It can bring back the sexy that's been forgotten or simply enhance it.

How can you reveal this present to him? You can place your photos in an album, print out images and arrange them in a card or send him flirty texts, ect. There are many ways but at the end of the day it's special, for him and for you. He will be so appreciative of the length you went to show you appreciate him and you will be empowered to see yourself the way he sees you.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls.

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