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Reason #162: Comfortability.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "You're your own worst critic"? The chances are that you probably have so, by now, it doesn't hit you the way it should. Let us put it a different way, you are too hard on yourself!

Before initially booking your session, we know something similar to this very thought runs through your head, "I am going to be so uncoformtable during the entire photoshoot". That's a totally normal fear to have, however, it's not true. The only reason you believe that it will be uncomfortable is because you are so used to judging yourself that you can't even imagine letting other people, let alone strangers, look at your body. Why? Again, because you are too hard on yourself.

The moment you walk in the door we know that this typically isn't something you do everyday and for most it's very out of their comfort zone. So, we make you feel unbelievably comfortable. How is that even possible, you might ask? We see ALL types of women every day that come in for photoshoots and you know what? EVERY SINGLE ONE of them has an amazing and beautiful photoshoot. We don't judge and encourage you and let you know how stunning you really are.

Women are beautiful, it's as simple as that: we were created to be beautiful in nature. We tend to forget that beauty is more than numbers on a scale or rolls we can see. We don't judge you for your flaws, because truthfully we all have them. Every single woman that comes through our doors as something that they don't like about themselves. We just help you see the good in every part of yourself instead of focusing on the things you wish you could change. In our studio, it's a judgement free zone, this then helps you to stop judging yourself.

The moment you start to free yourself of judgement is honestly the best part of the entire photoshoot. You will start to feel confident, sexy and free like you never have because NO ONE is expecting you to be perfect or something that isn't attainable. You can be free to just be you. & When you realize that you are beautiful in that no-judgment zone, something inside softens towards yourself.

So, it's okay to be a little scared of what the day of your photoshoot might hold, but just know, that you are about to experience a freedom and comfortability that you can't get by just walking around you house in your underwear. We see you for who you truly are and you can't get more comfortable than that.


Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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