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Reason #11: It's Fun.

Through the nerves of planning a boudoir photoshoot most of the time the idea of having fun gets completely overlooked. As women it's easier to be concerned with our looks and what we can do to improve our appreance for a photoshoot. However, this experience isn't just about outer beauty. It's about letting go, feeling beautiful in your own skin and most importantly having fun!

From the beginning of the shoot to the end, we laugh, tell stories and make your time in the studio as enjoyable as possible. We don't do this because it's our jobs but because we have fun doing what we do: we love making you feel beautiful.

As soon as the photoshoot begins, the nerves fly right out the window and then the fun starts. It's fun because you are free to be yourself. Who you are shines through your photos and your personality gives the shoot a unique experience.

Although it is difficult to see sometimes before you get to the studio, relax in knowing that it will be one of the best days in a long time, if not ever. We're looking forward to seeing you for the first time or again to make more memories, inside jokes and beautiful images that showcase the best you.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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