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Reason #102: We Provide the Wardrobe.

So you've decided that you want book a boudoir session, now what?

Your mind begins to fill with many questions, one of them being, "What do I wear?".

This is a very valid question, considering most of us have never attempted to wear much lingerie, other than maybe on our wedding night.

Great news! We provide all of the wardrobe for you! Our studio is full with lingerie of every size and color, stockings, corsets, cardigans, dresses, shirts, shorts, heels, jewelry and the list goes on. Our main goal by providing all of these options is so that you don't need to spend more money on things that you only plan to wear in our studio. That just doesn't make sense! However, you are more than welcomed to bring your own things. We can plan your session with clothes of your own!

Bottom line, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in what you wear in our studio.

So, not only do we provide the wardrobe, we also help you plan your outfits. As soon as our clients walk in the door we usually hear them say something along the lines of, "I'm so nervous about picking out my outfits, I have never worn anything like this before." You can breathe easier, because we LOVE picking out outfits for you! After many years, we have developed a good sense of what would look good on you in our sets. Each set has a completely different style and we truly enjoy creating plans to enhance your beauty. Some sets are more natural, more flirty and some sets are maybe a little out of your comfort zone. Whether you stay more natural or dive into the edgy side, we are here to help you every step of the way.


<3 Love,

The Sugar and Spice Girls

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