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Product OrderTerms

Important Ordering Timeline, Product Design & Retouching Terms and Conditions. View Products HERE.


Beauty retouching is included in the price of finished product orders. Images will be edited with our professional artistic vision, but we are careful to retouch just enough to enhance your natural beauty. You can read our FAQ on Ordering & Retouching Info HERE.


Due to our high standards and mission to produce exceptional, magazine quality photo shoots and products, we DO NOT offer un-retouched pictures in full resolution. You can ask for minimal retouching, but there is always a certain amount of color correcting and "glamorizing" that goes into each photograph to attain the professional quality and image we are known for.

As a general rule, we:

  • remove forehead wrinkles

  • soften smile lines and eye wrinkles

  • soften freckles

  • leave moles & birthmarks on body AND faces (unless specifically noted with order)

  • remove bruises (if you have a birthmark or other mark that may be confused for a bruise, we will remove it unless you clarify)

  • leave tattoos (if you choose an image where a skin crease goes through a tattoo, we will not be able to retouch that area)

  • retouch out "nip slips" or partial areolas showing in an image will be retouched out. Images with nipples/areolas that are fully exposed intentionally will only be sold as digital images (they will not be available in print format of any kind, including books and albums).

Additionally, we also do our best to:

  • remove scars

  • remove cellulite

  • remove stretch marks

  • remove tan lines

  • contour & shape your body wherever needed (areas may include the tummy, thighs, butt, legs & arms)

  • round out, plump and/or lift breasts if they look small, flat or saggy

  • make adjustments for improper fitting outfits (see below)


Keep in mind, not all outfits may have fit you perfectly during your session, but we will work our post production magic to make adjustments to make the outfit "fit" your body - such as:

  • contour skin if undies are "digging" or too bunched-up

  • plump breasts that don't fill out a bra (especially when lying on back)

  • round out & shadow breasts that are overspilling a bra

  • remove back skin that is bulging from a tight bra band

  • other adjustments as necessary

If you are requesting retouching that is different than our general retouching rules - see Notes/Requests/Concerns below.



Although most products ship out in 4 weeks or less, please allow up to 6 weeks from the date your order was received for delivery of product. 

Other than products with download options, all orders will be shipped in packaging that DOES NOT include the Sugar & Spice Photography name, logo or address.


Additionally, you will receive an email that your order is on its way, so you can be on the lookout!

Rush orders are available for a 30% service fee of the entire order amount. Any of our rush services are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to refuse rush services to anyone. We have different rush service options, so please contact us to check availability and our current timeline, if you are interested in rush services.

We supply products on a best effort basis and use reasonable efforts to meet the delivery deadlines. We shall not be liable for any delays in meeting any of obligations that were due to causes beyond our reasonable control, including but not limited to: postage/courier/lab delays, war/acts of terrorism, riots, government legislation, industrial action, adverse weather conditions, acts of God, floods, fire, loss or damage in transit, etc.


Images WILL have have the same color tone & crop as seen in your proofs - unless you make a specific request with your order (see Notes/Requests/Concerns below).  For example, if the image is shown in color in your proofs, the image will be in color in your order.


If you choose a picture number that has more than one version, and do not specify which version of that picture number, we will automatically use the first version of that picture number.  There is no charge for black and white or other color tonal conversions.


Additionally, in most cases, there is no additional fee for “color popping” (black & white with a “pop” of color). If you request a specific color popping that will require advanced retouching, we will advise you of any additional costs before we start work on the image.

There is no charge for cropping.

CROPPING TO A DIFFERENT ASPECT RATIO:  If you are ordering prints or digital images and plan to crop to sizes: 8x10, 10x13, 11x14, 16x20 and 20x24 - since these crops are more square than the original version, part of the picture WILL BE CROPPED OUT.  If you plan on ordering an image, and wish crop to a different aspect ratio, please contact us if you have any questions about what may be cropped out. 


Products that include design work and custom layouts (such as books & albums, etc.), will include as many pages as necessary to make them aesthetically pleasing (generally the page count will be in close relation to the image count).


In addition, images may be used more than once (and are often cropped or have tonal conversions) to fill out the pages depending on which pictures were chosen and their orientation. We will design these products carte blanche and with default design procedure such as artist discretion for image arrangements, graphics, cropping and layouts.

For books & albums - typically a page spread would include one look, and the looks would be varied throughout the book (in no particular order).  Generally the page count will be in close relation to the image count. 

Note: We use a local, reputable photography printing company for our printing needs; products are not printed in-house.


There are TWO ways to submit picture choices for your order:


1) The best way to get your picture choices to us is by adding to your ORDER LIST in your online portfolio.  This way, you can include any notes/requests/concerns that you have, and there is no confusion on what image or version you want. 


In your portfolio, when you click the “heart” to mark an image as a favorite and add it to a list, you can select to add the image to one or more lists.  Please include images for your order in the ORDER LIST and add any notes/requests/concerns there.   Include ONLY the pictures & notes for your order in this folder.   For example, if you order 15 digital images, include ONLY 15 pictures in the ORDER LIST in your online portfolio. 


Once you've included the images you'd like for your product, simply write: "See Order List" in the Picture Choices box on the product page on our online store.  

CREATING MULTIPLE LISTS:  Feel free to make additional list(s) in your online portfolio if you have multiple products.  You can create a “BOOK ORDER” list and then on your order, you can simply say “See Book Order List” in the Picture Choices box on the product page on our online store.


2) If your online portfolio has expired, list your picture numbers & notes in the Picture Choices box or contact us.  If you choose to list picture numbers ONLY in the Picture Choices box, we will NOT go to your portfolio's ORDER LIST to see any potential notes.  So if any notes/requests/concerns about something specific you wanted were not included in the Picture Choices box with the picture number, (for example: a tonal conversion or a tattoo removal), you will be responsible for costs to make changes, if necessary.

MULTIPLE VERSIONS:  If there are multiple versions of an image, please make sure you include the version number, or we will use the first version.    For example, SS101CSke3-30-18.jpg is the first version, SS101CSke3-30-18-2 is the second version.  Make sure to include the -2 if you want the second version.


If you are requesting retouching that is different than our general retouching rules, OR if you have special notes/requests/concerns regarding: retouching, tonal conversions, cropping, design, etc., it is your responsibility to submit your request IN WRITING when placing your order (must be submitted with your product order). To help us keep orders organized, this is the ONLY way these requests will be accepted. 

Here are some examples that would be notes regarding retouching (as they are different than our general retouching rules above): "Remove tattoo on back", "Leave beauty mole by upper lip", "Leave tan lines", "Crop out more of background", "Change image to color vs. black & white"


With this, VERBAL requests will NOT BE ACCEPTED (whether you spoke to someone over the phone, discussed a request or concern during your session or any other verbal discussion).  WRITTEN requests other than with your order will NOT BE ACCEPTED (whether you emailed or included something on your pre-shoot questionnaire).  Please understand that to stay organized, previous notes/requests/concerns - whether verbally or in writing - WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.  ALL NOTES MUST BE SUBMITTED WITH YOUR PRODUCT ORDERS.  If you didn't submit your notes/requests/concerns with your order, and want your order changed after it has been completed, you will be responsible for full replacement cost.

We will do our best to apply your request to all your picture choices, but please understand that some things we are unable to change, and we may miss things sometimes.  Any requests (color tone, cropping, special requests, etc.) are things that we will do our best to accommodate, but making requests DOES NOT guarantee that we will be able to make it work with the design of the product - whether technically or artistically. Images will be edited with our professional artistic vision and cropped to fit order sizes, layouts and placed in black & white or color as we see most artistically pleasing. We do not retouch to specifications (although you are welcome to make requests). If there are special editing requests beyond our standard retouching, we are happy to fulfill any special instruction orders for an additional charge. Contact us for details.

If you want to add a personal note or customize your order with text in any way, please understand that you are responsible for the content. We cut and paste your text and do NOT proofread, so we are not responsible for errors or typos.


We do offer the option to view the prints, book or calendar pages for an additional cost of $2.00 per picture (with $50 cap), but keep in mind that it may extend the time it takes to receive your product. For some clients, it is worth the extra cost and time.

Once your page proofs are ready, we will upload them into your online portfolio for you to view. We can make retouching adjustments or switch around pictures in the arrangement of your product. Although your picture choices are set once your order is placed, we can add or change pictures, or complete advanced retouching requests for an additional fee.

Let us know if you are interested in this service, as that is something we would need to add to your order for you.

We do send a complimentary proof for certain products (such as gallery wraps or large prints), so make sure to respond to the proof email by the date noted, to avoid delaying delivery of your order.


If you need to add notes, information, dates, or requests to your original order, we can ONLY accept this via our Product Order Info Form. To help us keep orders organized, we are unable to take this information over the phone or in an email. 


If you are placing an order for products, you may be able to take advantage of CRAZY GREAT PRICING with our Enhancer products. 

To quality for enhancer products, you must first place a main order of at least 15 retouched images (Proof Images DO NOT qualify).  We'll take the images from your main product order and create your Enhancer product using those images - and you'll get a gorgeous product at a significantly discounted price.  Order as many Enhancer products as you'd like!

Check out the Enhancer products, details & pricing HERE.


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