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Caution-At Play


Look ultra sexy in super short jean shorts and a ripped up construction vest or a plain white tank…or go wild and wear nothing with caution tape to really make him stop in his tracks! We have a hard hat, barricade, traffic cone and other props to complete this look. Be edgy, sexy and strong in boudoir photography by Sugar and Spice Photography in MN.

We offer a unique construction theme boudoir photography shoot that’s perfect for moms, wives, and women who want to express their inner strength and sexiness. Get ready to channel your inner baddie and discover a form or expression that you’ll love.

Our 6,000 square foot studio has more than twenty unique sets, rooms, and backdrops to give variety to your boudoir photo shoot and to give each photograph a more authentic feel. We’ll take care of the hair and makeup, and you can browse our closets with thousands of outfits to choose from. Get pampered in our studio, and we’ll coach you the entire time, taking care of all the details.

It’s time to get your confidence and sass on display. Come join us for a construction theme boudoir photography shoot that packs a punch!

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