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Christina's nomination:


I am nominating my sister Christina. She is a nurse and has been working long hours during this crazy time. She is a single mom of 2 and is so deserving of something like this. I did a shoot with you guys before getting married in 2019 and after my experience I felt so strongly that it was something she should totally do as she struggles with her confidence after her divorce due to an affair in 2015. She is SO beautiful inside & our but sadly after being hurt the way she was I know her self image is low and doing something like this I think would make her feel SO beautiful. You guys were incredible to work with and I’m constantly encouraging ladies I know to come visit... I even got my manager at work to do one ;)

Christina had a one-look FLIRT photo shoot and chose our garage set, and we were able to incorporate some of the signs she brought!  Check out more gorgeous boudoir photography HERE


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