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If you are in need of a hair & makeup artist, a lifestyles photographer, or even need marketing or bookkeeping help, we highly recommend these AH-MAZING women owned businesses that we currently contracted with or have contracted with in the past.

Katina Elizabeth

Photography & Hair/Makeup Services

Katina is an amazing artist and specializes in fantasy photography.  Her hair & makeup skills are fabulous, so definitely check out her work here:  Katina Elizabeth Makeup & Hair & Katina Elizabeth Photography.

Lojos Customer Services, LLC

Lori Johnson

Customer Service & Accounting

Ta-Dah Hair!

Jewels Erwin: Hair & Makeup Artist

Jewels is a FABULOUS hair stylist and makeup artist.  Her work with brides and wedding parties is absolutely stunning!  She works out of Salon Sartor in Maple Grove.

Paula Jeanne Photography

PJ Nelson: Photographer, Hair & Makeup Artist

Paula Jeanne works as a stylist for Ulta Salons.

Jessica Milkes Photography

Jessica Milkes: Photographer

Amazing family photographer!

Simply Kylie Styling

Kylie Anderson: Hair & Makeup Artist

Kylie is currently in Australia, but if she comes back to the US, you'd be lucky to have her as your stylist.

Tickled Pink

Kimberly: Marketing

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