Sandy's Own Words

Wow I can't believe how amazing this place is!


This was the first time I ever did a boudoir shoot and I was really excited but nervous at the same time. I wanted to get my sig. other a birthday gift he couldn't forget. I saw this place on facebook and looked at their work. I was blown away by what I was seeing! Amazing work by true artists!


I cant even express how happy I am with my photos, the crew, the location, and the whole experience in general! I got to the studio and as soon as the door opened I was shocked by the numerous sets they had. Too many to choose from.


I was greeted and right away asked if I would like a snack or beverage! I soon saw the wall of shoes and lingerie!! I was in heaven. I couldn't choose what to wear, there were so many to choose from!


After I talked to the all female staff of what I was visioning for my shoot - they ask plenty of questions as well! they are very observant and took notice of everything! Whether it was a lock of hair or a finger that was misplaced.  I had my hair and makeup done by them, and they did not disappoint! I looked in the mirror and was blown away with how good I looked.


I did start out nervous when I changed into my first outfit. I have always been self conscious of my body but the staff they are very professional and definitely boosted my confident by telling me how good I looked. By the end of the whole shoot I wasn't nervous anymore and I was posing naked in photos by the second set!


By the time the shoot was over I wish I had more time.It went by so fast I think I could have been there all day!


I will definitely be returning and my sig. other said I have to return for another photoshoot he loved the photos that much!


Overall my score for everything, 1 being bad and 5 being excellent

Photos-5 staff-5 location-5 makeup5 hair-5 overall experience-10 way beyond my expectations!


Review By: sandy p

Submitted to the BBB: 06/12/2016