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Chelsey's Story

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A little about me!

I have a degree in interior design, but consider myself an artist of all trades...whether it's decorating my house, painting, or being the retouching & graphic design master for Sugar & Spice.  I am a girly girl, creative AND analytical all the way through!  I joke that I am the “suburban housewife,” but really, I am more than that!  Of course I love all things beauty, but feel I am “the average woman” that shares the same feelings we all do sometimes.  It’s sad that we are always our worst critics!


Having a moment in time, where it is all about you…you get to be feminine, get out of your comfort zone, and actually have fun is really what every woman needs to get out of their head about today’s “beauty” standards. This is a chance for us to pull something out of you that you might not see everyday.  Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, whether that be in their favorite color lingerie, their lived in jeans, or glamorous dress!  As a team, my wish is to reach every woman with God’s love, to make sure we can serve every woman in the best way we know how! 


As I am behind the scenes, I don’t get to meet many of our clients, but am always here to help you go through your pictures and decide on something you can keep for the rest of your life!  I love to see what favorites each client picks out, what pictures speak to them.  I know we live in a digital world, and that is all fine.  But I have a book that I keep in my safe (Yes, want it perfect forever!) that I can pull out when I’m 90 and say, “Look at me!  I did that and I felt amazing!”

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Some of my favorite things...


I've been married for over 11 years and for real, love marriage and what God has given us. We both have lived within a 10 mile radius our whole lives and are happily settled.  Not high school sweethearts, but found each other young.  People always look shocked when I say how long we have been married, but it happened just right!  I can say a ton of gushy things, but I’ll just leave it at…we are happy!


I literally have the best relationship with my family!  My parents and brother/SIL live so close and it is nice!  I recently lost my last grandparent…I was so close with my Grandma, it was hard and I miss her!  But do love the time I get to spend with my family, whether that be driving around in the rat rod to car shows, or hootin’ and hollerin’ during EVERY Vikings game!  I’m even lucky enough to get to see most of my aunts, uncles and cousins all the time!


I have a crazy loud cat, Porsche, no really, she has a voice on her and quite the personality!  I haven’t gotten the itch for kids, even after 11 years of marriage (I know, but it’s a big decision!), but am perfectly happy with a cat for right now…cats are easy!


Since I didn’t end up using my interior design degree for my actual job, it is good that I can put that to use for my home!  My home is what keeps my hubby and I close, as we both love to use skills we have been blessed with.  We are on our 3rd house, they become a bigger and bigger project every time, and oddly enough, we are more and more on the same page than ever before.  Just another creative outlet for both of us, and seriously, my hubby can do anything!  Being handy is sexy!


My husband and I met because of our love for cars.  I told him recently we didn’t need a 6th car, but just couldn’t say no to someone that takes such good care of me!  So now we have a 1965 Cadillac to go with the rest of our collection, lol, and have spent our summer cruising around in it!


I just want to eat sweets like 90% of the time, and maybe throw a chip in there once in a while.  I mean, who doesn’t like cake…cookies….ice cream….sweet martinis (But strong!), all of that.  It will always be a roller coaster, something we all struggle with from time to time.  But my husband doesn’t mind my jiggly-ness once in a while, so I continue to eat cake!


I am genetically a hoarder and hoard lots of things, but of course that means I hoard makeup as well.  Our new master suite thankfully, had a special nook for a custom makeup vanity.  I work hard, and thought I deserved that!  And so I have a makeup vanity with lots of drawers to hoard makeup!  I said hoard and makeup a lot there, didn’t I?!  I especially love to hoard eye shadow palettes…that is again, genetics, as my Mom has always especially liked eye shadow palettes herself.  My favorites these days are ColourPop palettes, a good mix of colors and a good price (See picture of all my makeup palettes, yikes)!


You would think after seeing and retouching thousands of pictures, that they would all start to look the same.  BUT NO!  I LOVE to see what every client decided to do for looks and what the picked out for outfits, etc. I can see a little bit of everyone’s personality in her shoot even though I wasn’t there.  And when I do get to touch and feel someone else’s book, it feels like Christmas for me too!  Seeing that finished product that client is going to get to keep forever…its just special!

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