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So you are not sure how to prepare for a photo shoot. You are excited to feel fierce, to have stunning photos taken of you and to strut your stuff in front of the camera – but you want to make sure you look glowy and beautiful. What if you wake up the day of your shoot with a pimple? What if your skin is dry and totally not luminous? What if your hair is not shiny and mermaid-like? Don’t stress. We are going to walk you through how you can prepare for a photoshoot.


You’ve decided to invest in a photography session with the photographer of your dreams, and you’re either ready to hop in front of that camera or you’re very nervous. Either way is okay, and completely normal! I’ve been photographing people for nearly a decade, and in my time as a photographer I’ve met people who simply came alive the moment the camera was pointed at them, and others who were visibly very uncomfortable. I want to start off by saying that either is okay! 


The following are tips/suggestions that you can use to help .  When having your photos taken, there are some areas where advanced preparation can make a huge difference. Neglect them, and an otherwise perfect photo could end up with distracting elements which take the focus away from where it should be. (*Ahem* Your beautiful eyes, of course.) 

The week before your shoot (or sooner, if you’ve booked ahead) is a time for planning. Choose which beautification steps you will take, and schedule the appointments (even if they’re just with yourself). Remember, these tips are here to help you think of ideas for preparing for your shoot, but are definitely not required, or even necessary for everybody. Just choose what fits in with your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen, and go from there!



Remember that, while post production retouching (Photoshop) can hide a multitude of sins, you’ll love knowing that your pictures have captured your most perfect self. At the end of the day, there are some things no amount of preparation can change, (and maybe you wouldn’t want to). A couple of examples are birthmarks or scars. Some people feel that these markings are part of who we are, while others would rather have them “photoshopped” away. Which is right? Whatever you want. It’s your face, your body, your photos.  Always do what makes you feel most beautiful.

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