Session Styles & Special Shoots

Can I do more than one style?

With Boudoir sessions, you can combine boudoir & other styles. With Pinup sessions, you can add boudoir looks to get the best of both worlds. After completing your pinup looks, we will take 1/2 hour in hair & makeup to transform you into a boudoir diva and then photograph your boudoir looks. (Add 1 boudoir look for $150 and 2 boudoir looks for $225). The option to add boudoir looks to your pinup session is available once you click to book now on the pinup shoot you are interested in. With Cherry on Top sessions, the time in the studio is your time, so we want to capture the looks and styles you want. Feel free to mix boudoir, pinup & other styles. For example, we had one client that did several different styles in her session: Business head shots (for her business cards and website), Portrait (for her family - she wore a beautiful dress), boudoir (she did 3 boudoir looks), AND pinup.

Do you offer bridal boudoir photo shoots?

YES! A gift for the groom on your wedding night that he’ll go CRAZY for (and never expect)! Capture your wedding night look with intimate, sexy shots of you in your lingerie and veil, and add some spice with some sizzling centerfold looks! Wear a corset, lingerie...or nothing at all! Bridesmaids....this is a GREAT idea for a personal gift for the bride-to-be! She will love every second of her shoot and will have photographs that will leave all of you jealous and will be the perfect gift for her new hubby! Perfect for the bride who has everything! Interested in having your bachelorette party with us? Check out our Friends & Guests FAQ. Click the picture to see our Bridal Boudoir gallery.

Do you offer boudoir maternity shoots?

YES! We are always honored when we get to to capture this beautiful time in a woman's life, and know how sexy woman can be with a little baby in their belly! We also offer regular maternity shoots, and love to include siblings or dads in those shots, too! See those shots HERE. Click the picture to see our maternity boudoir gallery.

Can you accommodate a motorcycle in your studio?

YES! We can usually accommodate motorcyles in our studio. For insurance purposes, we aren’t able to assist you in loading it in and out of the studio, so you would be responsible for that, but we do have a back alley/loading dock area that is semi-private for shooting. Feel free to bring someone help you with this process, if necessary. Please note that this would need to be done during your studio time, so you may lose a little bit of your time behind the camera....but usually it is WELL worth it! Contact us with questions. We also offer location shoots where you can do a shoot with your favorite car, motorcycle, snowmobile or ATV. Click the picture to see our gallery of motorcycle shots from our studio.

Do you shoot on location?

YES! Get some sizzling shots by the barns, in the woods or cornfields, next to the vintage gas pumps & collectibles...even hotter? Get wet in the in-ground pool, icy in the snow or muddy in the river! Location shoots are perfect if you want to bring your car, truck, motorcycle, snowmobile, dirt bike or ATV. We shoot quite often at our 100 private wooded acres on the Crow River in Cokato (about 1 hour west of our studio), but we can also come to your home or other location, and are available for travel to other states or out of the country. Other location ideas or fun places we've done shoots: a junkyard, downtown for great skylines, a hotel, a park...the sky's the limit! Click the picture to see our Location Shoots Gallery.

What about group shots (photographs with more than one person)?

Photographs with more than one person, whether same sex or opposite sex, are limited to Portrait style photography only, and regular clothing must be worn.

Do you offer bachelorette parties or party shoots?

YES! Looking for something DIFFERENT and FUN to do for the ultimate girl's day? A photo shoot party at our studio is the perfect choice! Bring drinks & snacks to enjoy while you spend time together getting glammed up and choosing outfits. Everyone will have an amazing time taking their BEST photographs EVER - some group shots, some single shots...sky’s the limit! Then, if you want to “hit the town” afterwards, you’ll be all dolled up! For groups of 4 or more, we offer special discounts on regular sessions or can customize packages to work within any budget! Contact us for more information.