Session Details


    Please wear non-restrictive clothing to our studio, as the elastic causes redness and marks on the skin. (No undergarments or socks, please!)   Make sure to wear a zip or button down shirt...or you can change into one of our robes when you arrive!


    Our expansive glam room closet with all its choices can be very overwhelming. We know our inventory inside & out and we can give you plenty of options and help you choose the perfect outfit from top to bottom - including shoes & accessories!  

    We don’t pull outfits ahead of time because many people aren't sure what sets they want to shoot on or what "looks" they want to do until they arrive.  Many others change their minds (and plan) once they actually see the studio. Also, since there are so many different opinions and tastes, pulling sizes written down can be tricky.  We have found that it isn’t practical to pull things in advance. It usually works better to show the studio & get a feel in person for what someone “goes for”.

    Since we want to give you as much time in front of the camera as possible, there is only limited time for outfit selection during your appointment, but again...our team will help you with this.

    We usually like you to have no more than 2 outfit options per look - so please let us know if something doesn’t fit or you’d like to try something else....but if you like the first thing you try on, we recommend going with it ‘cuz the more time you spend choosing outfits or changing, the less time we have to photograph you.



    Although we have thousands of outfits & tons of props, we would love for you to bring any items that would help achieve your vision for a particular look or theme.   Bring anything you might want to incorporate - better to bring it and not use it, then to say, “Oh, I wish I would’ve brought...”!


    Please remember...we keep our photography very classic and glamorous, so please do not bring sex toys with you - we will not use them in your photographs. Also, implied sex and erotic poses are not allowable at any time. We want to keep our shoots as classy and glamorous as possible, and our nudity is implied, leaving little to the imagination.


    Since the most popular shoe sizes are 6 1/2 - 9 1/2, most of our shoes are in that range.  Although we do have 2-3 pairs in size 6 or smaller and size 10 or larger, we suggest bringing a couple pairs along, if you'd like...for comfort and more variety!   We also recommend that you bring some comfy slip-on slippers!



    We will be applying false lashes, but we need you to bring your own mascara to add a coat to your own lashes when we're finished with your makeup, so they blend.



    If you want to wear clothing (instead of lingerie or costumes) for one or all of your “looks”, please note that we only have a small selection of dresses and actual clothing, so please bring your own.  We also always suggest bringing your favorite pair of jeans.


    We want to give you a head's up about our photography hair & makeup.  We're sure you've heard the saying:  "The camera adds 10 pounds!"  We're not sure that's true, but we DO know that it does make hair & makeup "disappear".  It's hard to explain, but we have to go a little "over the top" with hair & makeup, because the lighting & camera does take away from it. 

    Once your hair & makeup is finished, you might feel like it's a bit extreme, but remember...the women's photographs you see on our website have all had the "over the top" treatment.  Here's one of our client's in her own words (& we get feedback just like this all the time!):


    "At first I was shocked by my look because my hair had never been that big. I told Katina that I felt like a drag queen. But she laughed and reassured me that it photographs well and will not look that big on camera. She was totally right. I knew to trust her and I'm so glad I did :)" - Katie K Feb 2018


    Special notes:  if you have naturally curly hair, please pre-straighten it before you arrive (unless you would like to keep it natural).  If you have extremely short hair, please let us know if you're interested in having extensions.  You can let us know any details on your pre-shoot questionnaire or contact us. 


    Always remember...we want you to feel sexy & comfortable with your look, but it is your responsibility to voice any issues you may have with the hair or makeup prior to being photographed, so that the we can make any necessary adjustments.  



    We’re gonna glam you up first - which will take a good hour or so, and during that time, we’ll chat about your vision & pick some outfits!



    Once you’re changed, we’ll shoot your first look for about 20 minutes or so, getting as many poses as possible. Our team will be posing & coaching you, so the better you respond, the more shots we can get.   Typically we spend more time in the 1st look - getting to know how to best photograph you - so let’s start with your favorite look.  (Then, you’ll change for your next look).


    Your time in the studio is yours, but keep in mind...the more time you take to choose outfits or change, that's less time you'll have in front of the camera.  We never want you to feel rushed, but we may push you a bit, because we always want as much time to photograph you as possible.  The quicker you move, the more camera time you will get!  If we're going too fast, or if you need a break...please let us know.  If you're not understanding things, or want something specific, let us know what we can do to help.


    We know we are our own worst critics & can be so hard on ourselves...and these pictures are RAW - without any post-production work or retouching- so all the flaws, including body flaws and lighting flaws that would be corrected are CLEARLY visible - especially on the big screen.  


    It can be discouraging for some people or take away from the surprise.  It also takes some time away from shooting.  So although we don’t always recommend it, IF you are interested in seeing some of the shots, you'll need to you remind us (since we don't typically do this), and we WILL show you a few pictures here & there, so you can see how it’s going. 



    Please understand that while we do our best to keep your time in front of the camera completely private (you will ONLY be with members of our team during this time), there may be another client getting their hair & makeup done in our Glam area, or someone briefly walking through to get to our waiting room.  Just want to give you a head's up!


    ​This day is all about YOU - and we want ALL the focus to be  just on you for your session.  We aren't able to accommodate guests or friends in the studio for liability & space enjoy your time with us and have fun!


    Friends, husbands, boyfriends, and children are welcome in the studio ONLY as participants in a Crowning Image Portrait session.  Contact us for details.


    Can you drink alcohol?  Our quick answer is "yes", but our smart answer is "no". What the heck do we mean?


    "Yes": for sure - bring some wine and have a glass (key word "a"). Bring a drink or have a shot. (again, see key word). You absolutely can have a drink! We agree that a having a bit of alcohol can relax you a bit...but so can great company! Read our raves, and you'll find that our team does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable - so you're ready to strip down and get into that sexy lingerie with a smile!


    "No": Unfortunately, sometimes "a" drink leads to "two" or "many" drinks, and then the photo shoot is compromised. There can be lack of focus and concentration, consistent half-shut eyes, goofy faces, and worse (yes...we've seen some not-so-good things happen). We want to LOVE your photo shoot with us, but if you choose to drink, you forfeit your right to be disappointed in your experience or resulting photos, so it's your call!


    We like to keep our photographs beautiful and classy, and prefer "implied nudity" or the illusion of nudity, so we won't expose nipples or lower lady bits. In the instance that a nipples/areola is exposed, those images will only be sold as digital images (they will not be available in print format of any kind, including books and albums).  See our FAQ page for more details and/or contact us with questions.



    A day or two before your session, we will be sending a text reminder to the phone number you gave us when you booked.  Please let us know if you would prefer NOT to have this reminder texted...or let us know if there's a different number we should text.



    The questions asked most frequently are answered on our FAQ page, so check it out!  If there's anything else you need, click HERE for our Client Contact page.

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