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We're so excited you decided to invest in an amazing photo shoot experience!  We're guessing you’re either ready to hop in front of that camera & come alive...or you’re very nervous & may be visibly uncomfortable for a bit (spoiler - the latter is true for most!).  Either is okay!   But when having your photos taken, there are some areas where advanced preparation can make a huge difference. You can help avoid distracting elements which take the focus away from where it should be. (*Ahem* Your beautiful eyes, of course.)   We are going to walk you through how you can prepare for a photoshoot.

Remember, these tips are here as suggestions to help you think of ideas for preparing for your shoot, but are definitely not required, or even necessary for everybody. Just choose what fits in with your budget, lifestyle, and current beauty regimen, and go from there!  It’s your face, your body, your photos, so always do what makes you feel most beautiful.

If you need any other help when reading on how to prepare for a boudoir photography session, or have questions when planning how to prep for a boudoir photo shoot - reach out!  We want you to feel ready for your boudoir photo session!

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