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Reason #530: For the Before & After Photos

If you've been following any Sugar and Spice Photography social media, you've probably seen those #MakeoverMonday posts. These makeover posts show a photo from at the start, when women when they arrive and then a photo how their session photos ultimately turn out.

Why did we decide to do this transformation post every week? Simple, we wanted to show that coming in for a boudoir session isn't scary. When posting these images not only do women find empowerment in themselves, other women are less intimidated to be perfect for a photoshoot.

As you notice, every before photo (which is ALREADY beautiful), shows everyday women before they put any beauty efforts into themselves for the day. This is so important! Why? Because every woman has a before photo! No one wakes up in the morning looking like Kim Kardashian... let's be honest, even she doesn't wake up looking like Kim Kardashian.

The before photos are such a good example of the reality of who we are as women before we put any of that makeup on: every one is human. And then, right next to that before photo is the glamorous after picture. Seeing them side by side / next to each other is also super important! Why? Because we, as women, need to realize that we can look like superstars, just by being us.

What the before and after photos show is how different famous people live their lives. They wakeup and have people to do the things that we do for you at Sugar and Spice, each and everyday. Anyone posting perfected photos on the internet has most likely spent a very long time getting their hair and makeup done and directed on how to pose just that perfect way to hides all their flaws.

This is what we're saying: you can look like that too! None of the women in any of our photographs are hired models. Each and every one of them is everyday women looking to feel beautiful in their own skin. So before you judge yourself too quickly to come in for a photoshoot, remember EVERY woman is beautiful and you don't have to change a single thing about yourself to get amazing photos.

Keep scrolling to see a collection of some of most recently posted makeover transformations! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram if you aren't already to see weekly transformations!

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Love <3

The Sugar and Spice Girls




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